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lace cowl detail January 2, 2010

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lace cowl detail, originally uploaded by sleepknitting.

Another view of the cowl


lace cowl close up

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lace cowl close up, originally uploaded by sleepknitting.

Cowl close up


Cabled feather cowl

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lace cowl 1, originally uploaded by sleepknitting.

Christmas knitting – cabled feather Cowl by Cindy Craid (available on Ravelry) in ‘The Natural Dye Studio’ blue faced leicester DK yarn. Love the feather and cable lace.


mmmm. Autumn comfort food November 1, 2009

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apples, originally uploaded by sleepknitting.

Its raining, the wind is blowing, the heating is on, and I want comfort food……Fortunately we have a big box of apples from the orchard of my fiance’s parents farm. I’ve already made a gluten free carrot and apple cake, but i still had a load of apples left. Then I found this recipe in my Phil Vickery Gluten free cook book (Its a great book worth getting for anyone on a gluten free diet) Its an apple compote – basically apples, sugar, cinnamon all stewed up and smelling divine. I’m going to enjoy eating this with my yoghurt this week…. it tastes a lot better than it looks – honest!


Ooops, I knit it again!…. October 31, 2009

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soft soft beret, originally uploaded by sleepknitting.

Yes, and another one…. I love this beret, so soft, and again, matches the lace scarf made in the same James C Brett Merino. Cheap and cheerful knitting for the Autumn.
I’m still struggling to fit knitting in around my job and wedding planning, hence it being quiet here on my poor neglected blog…. but I did cast on a baby blanket last night.


Yes, Another twilleys beret!

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twilleys beret, originally uploaded by sleepknitting.

This is the fifth time I’ve knitted this pattern – I love it. made in Twilleys Freedom Spirit in a green/purple colour to match the lace scarf. Warm and cosy and just my colours.


Unplanned knitting August 13, 2009

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I’ve had two nice weeks away on the future-in-law’s farm and had plenty of time to knit – bliss!


This is ‘Falling Leaves Scarf’ by Traci Heiner (available as a free Ravelry download) and I knitted it on 5mm needles in Twilleys Freedom Spirit, not sure of the name of the colouraway but the photo is very accurate. Its  anice scarf to knit (but there is an error in the pattern download on R16) when I had figured out the error it was an easy knit. Its blocking at the moment and I think I will make a hat to go with it. This was an un-planned knit! I’d actually run out of knitting to do whilst I was away and I managed to find a shop in the village that sold wool and found the pattern on Ravelry!