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Unplanned knitting August 13, 2009

Filed under: crafts,knitting,knitting patterns — sleepknitting @ 1:51 pm

I’ve had two nice weeks away on the future-in-law’s farm and had plenty of time to knit – bliss!


This is ‘Falling Leaves Scarf’ by Traci Heiner (available as a free Ravelry download) and I knitted it on 5mm needles in Twilleys Freedom Spirit, not sure of the name of the colouraway but the photo is very accurate. Its  anice scarf to knit (but there is an error in the pattern download on R16) when I had figured out the error it was an easy knit. Its blocking at the moment and I think I will make a hat to go with it. This was an un-planned knit! I’d actually run out of knitting to do whilst I was away and I managed to find a shop in the village that sold wool and found the pattern on Ravelry!


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