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Christmas preparations November 29, 2008


Its very busy at school at the moment, we’ve already had the Christams fair and we are working on the Nativity at the moment. I’ve had very little time to knit so I only have this little hat to share with you at the moment. Its a little hat from an old copy of Simply Knitting magazine, knitted in Patons Washed Haze DK (which is becoming one of my favourite yarns) I’ve made it for a friend who has a baby boy due in January, its nice knowing the sex of the baby as I don’t have to play it safe on colours. I think it needs a pom pom on top and a tank top and booties to go with it (I hope I can find the time before Christmas!)


Sorry about the blurred photo but I wanted to show you this wonderful little fairy that I have on my Christmas tree. I got her last week at the German Christmas market in Birmingham (which was great!) she is very delicate and has a lovely pointy hat!


Again, not the best photo, but this is my Christmas tree! (I know, its November but I love Christmas and had to put it up last week!!)


One Response to “Christmas preparations”

  1. Well, your tree went up about the same time the radio switched to all Christmas music! Maybe it wasn’t as early as I thought it was! It looks very nice.

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