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Gathered pullover – finished pictures November 16, 2008


Finally I’ve got my act together and got these pictures up. They are not great photos as the light is not very bright today (Typical British November day!) but its the thought that counts! The pattern is the Gathered Pullover by Hana Jason:

I love this jumper, it only used 5 balls of ‘Rowan Felted Tweed’ in shade ‘Bilberry’. It was knitted on a circular needle and I used two circular to make up the sleeves – this meant very few seams to sew up when finishing! Its a very warm jumper thanks to the lovely felted tweed yarn. I made the medium size (36 I think) but on reflection i should have made a smaller size as I’ve lost weight and it turned out larger than I anticipated – having said that it is very fitted.

I’ve still got some felted tweed left which I think will make a nice tank top (or ‘sweater-vest’ of you are American!) And maybe another beret….. no, I don’t need another beret!


2 Responses to “Gathered pullover – finished pictures”

  1. Great sweater! Or jumper, or whatever you Brits call it! Nice color, nice knitting.

  2. Don’t you mean colour?! lol! 😉

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