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Alpaca beret AKA ‘work avoidance knitting’ November 2, 2008

I must confess, I’m one of the worlds worst procrastinators! If there is work to do then you can bet that I will leave it to the last minutes and find a hundred other things to do first. This is demonstrated in the above project, my ‘work aviodance beret’! I got the yarn just the other day in my Christmas swap parcel…. and I had to knit it up right away! I’m on a bit of a mission with berets at the moment after I tried on about thirty in the shops last week and couldn’t find one to suit me. I again used the superb beret pattern in the Twilleys Freedom Spirit 455 book; this seems to be the perfect hat pattern for me. It knitted up very quickly again and I think the lovely yarn works well with the pattern. I went up a needle size to give the beret a bit of a slouchy feel. I’m going to add sequins to this when I can find them in my sewing box, it only used about 60g of wool so I have enough left over for a nice corsage of something.

Today though, I really do have to get on with some work as its the last day of half term and we are back to school tomorrow. Its been great to have a much needed week off and finally get some knitting done again. I have cast on for another baby hat for another baby due soon….. I must resist!

This beret is soooooo soft!


3 Responses to “Alpaca beret AKA ‘work avoidance knitting’”

  1. Procastinators of the world unite! (As soon as we get around to it, of course) I’m with you. Knitting is one of my favorite work-avoidance techiniques. Looks like the time was put to good use.

  2. Lynda Says:

    Love this beret ;0)

  3. Anneee Says:


    Great blog!

    Just want to thank you very much for the wonderfull christmas swap i got from you!

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