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Winter Beret October 31, 2008

Just to prove I’ve got my knitting mojo back, here is my latest WIP finished in two evenings. Its my Autumn beret in Wendy Fusion yarn, the pattern is the beret from Twilleys Freedom Spirit 455 book. I’ve made this pattern before and loved it and I’d planned to use this yarn for a beret for ages. I’ve got a matching scarf I’ve made in this yarn so I’m sure I will be wearing both all winter! I do love this pattern as it fits really well, love the colours too.

I’m having a few issues with uploading pictures to WordPress today, I can’t seem to upload them to the right size! Hopefully this post will work.

Tomorrow I’ve really got to do some school work…. and I confess, I’ve just cast on that gorgeous alpaca yarn I got in my Christmas swap parecl for another beret! so I might have to work on that too. Its good to be knitting again!



One Response to “Winter Beret”

  1. Gemma Says:

    Wow the beret looks great – better than my attempt at the same pattern, anyway! (Mine ended up a bit too small thanks to my very odd tension). I’m currently in the middle of a second beret, this time for my little sister for xmas. It really is a super easy pattern to knit up.

    Glad to see you’re getting time to knit again. 🙂

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