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I used to have time to knit :-( October 4, 2008

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As you may have realised, there has been no knitting going on here since the start of the new school term! I have been so so busy with school that I’ve not been able to keep on top of housework, let alone have time to read, bake or knit. I’m hoping that the workload will level out and maybe i will be able to get my Saturday’s back soon; as it is I’m working all weekend on planning and achool work and putting in 10-11 hour days in the week. Suppose it serves me right for taking a job at an ‘Outstanding’ school!

Anyway, I will have to get my knitting head back on soon as I’ve signed up to the Christmas swap and I got my partner this week. This must mean that someone out there has been matched to me too, and may be dropping by this blog sometime soon. So for their benifit here is a little about me:

I’m 29, and a primary school teacher, I live with my boyfriend Tim (who is also a primary school teacher). Sadly no children or pets (yet!) I started knitting again about four years ago, after learning as a child. I like to knit mainly tops, cardigans, sweaters etc but I also like knitting hats and accessories and occasionally socks. My favourite colours are greens, purples, greys and silvers. I love christmas… but I’m very fussy about Christmas decorations and I hate tinsel and red and gold decoradtions! I think Ideally I like the idea of a ‘Narnia / Pagan’ themed christmas, all snow and green foliage! I have Coeliac disease (which means I cannot eat anything containing Gluten and Wheat) and I’m a Pescetarian (eat fish, but no other meat) so any sweets, treats or food have to be gluten free and vegetarian!. I don’t drink coffee but do like tea. My ideal christmas knitting project would be a gorgeous green or grey beret. Oh, and I never use DPN’s!! (I onlu use circular needles for socks and circular knitting!)


One Response to “I used to have time to knit :-(”

  1. Delle Says:

    Oooh, I didn’t realise you had a male primary school teacher at home too.

    I hope things settle down soon and you get a bit of work/life balance back. Is your school one of those which insist the teachers each run a lunchtime club one day a week? If so, you should do a knitting one, at least then you’d be guaranteed a little knitting time each week (though it would be interrupted by having to actually teach the children to knit).

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