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UK Swap #2, parcel arrives, I’ve been spoilt! August 28, 2008

Its obviously my week for swaps!!! – Look what came this morning!

Beautifully wrapped………..

It didn’t stay wrapped for long! …………..

This is the pattern for Liesl by Ysolda, with the most amazing heather coloured aran by Artesano… this stuff is a yarn-snob’s dream, buttery soft and beautiful! To go with it a yummy scented scandle in sweet violet ( I like a nice candle!)

I also had some really lovely alpaca / silk sock yarn by the Natural Dye studio, its totally my colours in soft light green and heathers. Also some great curly black Wensledale fleece and some natural coloured curly fleece – this is for my needle felted dolls, I’ve been wanting some curly fleece for ages to give my little felted figures some real looking hair!

A GREAT BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Delle! Thanks so much, you have stalked me so well and everything is exactly what I would have chosen myself. One of the best swap parcels ever! I should be planning for the start of termand school today but I’m itching to get my needle felting kit out and swatch for the Liesl!!


3 Responses to “UK Swap #2, parcel arrives, I’ve been spoilt!”

  1. Delle Says:

    I’m glad you liked it all. Now that it has arrived, I’ll send you over the pdf for Liesl so that you have it, should you need to print it out again.

  2. Roo Says:

    Lovely lovely parcel! Delle and I are both knitting Liesl at the moment!

  3. Frosty Says:

    Wow Claire terrific package! Your Sp really did a great job.

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