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On my doorstep waiting for me….. August 26, 2008

Well, I finally arrived back home for good about an hour ago (after five weeks of travel from Solihull to Lincolnshire, to West Sussex, to Dublin, back to West Sussex then to Cornwall, then back to Solihull, then to Staffordshire, then back up to Lincolnshire then finally back home to Solihull today!! phew!)… nobody can say I haven’t made the most of my summer holidays!!

But anyway, as I was saying, there to greet me was a lovely brown box all the way from the States, North Carolina to be exact (North Carolina reminds me of the song Tallulah sings in Bugsy Malone!!) A HUGE THANK YOU to Jenny who has really spoilt me. There is some GF Pasta, some chocolate brownie mix (yummy!) some ‘snackerdoodle’ cookies (great name!) two interesting looking cake bars and the most gorgeous turquoise Cascade Dolce wool, just my colour. Oh, and some nice green buttons, two needle huggers and a crochet hook. Lucky me! I love the wool and am already thinking it would make a fab winter beret or scarf. I might be making the brownies tonight after I’ve been shopping… the fridge is empty after five weeks away! I’m really glad I took part in the Gluten Free swap, its nice to swap anyway but extra nice to swap GF goodies with people who understand what you can and can’t eat!

I’ve got to unpack and get shopping but I will organise myself and my camera and get some pics of my travels up, and my finished grey cardi before I get back to school next week. …. mmmm, chocolate brownies!!


2 Responses to “On my doorstep waiting for me…..”

  1. Yeah! I am so glad it made it safely. 🙂 I hope you love them all as much as I do… especially the brownies. Add peanut butter! YUMMO!!!

  2. Woo hooo! What a great box to come home to. Enjoy.

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