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Afternoon knitting August 29, 2008

Maybe its just me, but when I have work to do that I’m not looking forward to then I can always find a million other things to do first. All week I’ve been thinking that I must get prepared for the start of the new school term, and all week I’ve been knitting, cleaning, shopping, painting my nails and just about everything else but school work!

This afternoon on a whim I decided that I had to knit a baby hat right away (My cousin is going to be a dad for the first time, baby due late November) So I logged onto Ravelry, had a quick rummage through my stash and a couple of hours later here is my striped baby hat! The pattern is ‘The Fixie’ which is a free Ravelry download. I used Patons Washed Haze DK in a cream and a natural colour (playing the colours safe as we don’t know if its a boy or girl) It only used about a third of each ball so a very thrifty knit. Its a really simple pattern and I think its quite quirky and cute, the only niggly part is grafting the seams together (which I’m getting better at with practise) I have enough left over for a pair of boots or shoes so that will be next. I love baby knits, so quick and satisfying!


UK Swap #2, parcel arrives, I’ve been spoilt! August 28, 2008

Its obviously my week for swaps!!! – Look what came this morning!

Beautifully wrapped………..

It didn’t stay wrapped for long! …………..

This is the pattern for Liesl by Ysolda, with the most amazing heather coloured aran by Artesano… this stuff is a yarn-snob’s dream, buttery soft and beautiful! To go with it a yummy scented scandle in sweet violet ( I like a nice candle!)

I also had some really lovely alpaca / silk sock yarn by the Natural Dye studio, its totally my colours in soft light green and heathers. Also some great curly black Wensledale fleece and some natural coloured curly fleece – this is for my needle felted dolls, I’ve been wanting some curly fleece for ages to give my little felted figures some real looking hair!

A GREAT BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Delle! Thanks so much, you have stalked me so well and everything is exactly what I would have chosen myself. One of the best swap parcels ever! I should be planning for the start of termand school today but I’m itching to get my needle felting kit out and swatch for the Liesl!!


What I’ve been up to August 27, 2008

A bit of knitting and a finished garment to show off. Its the tailored cardigan by drops design:

Knitted in Patons Washed Haze DK in ‘slate’. I like the yarn quite a lot, its an acrylic cotton mix but it doesn’t feel like a manmade yarn, very cotton like. Its not the ideal yarn for the pattern (which calls for Alpaca) but it worked out at the same tension. On reflection it should have been in a wool mix yarn but having said that I like the finished cardi. The pattern is not very well written, its translated into English and it doesn’t read like a British pattern. I think if I’d attempted this when I was a less experienced knitter I would have given up as the instructions are tricky to understand. The buttons were from Coats Crafts.

Anyway, the reason the knitting is slow is because I’ve been travelling around lots. I’ve been up to visit my boyfriend’s relatives on their farm, to Dublin with my Mum, to Cornwall to stay will relatives and also visiting other relatives in various places!


The river Liffey in Dublin

The ‘Temple Bar’ pub in Temple Bar, Dublin

Another pub, Temple Bar

Exterior view of Dublin Castle

Mevagissey, Cornwall




The sun setting through the trees, Farm in Lincolnshire.

These are some of my favourite pictures of the holiday. Despite the sunny looking pictures we got soaked most of the time in Dublin and Cornwall, its been a typical Bristsh Summertime again. I’m back to school next week and trying to get organised, I’m not back in ‘teacher’ mode yet and would like another six weeks off really!

Dublin was brilliant and I found it very easy to eat out as a Coeliac. Lots of places label their menu with GF food and those that didn’t knew what I was talking about when I explained about my condition and they were very flexible with adapting their menu. Dublin gets a big Coeliac thumbs up from me!


On my doorstep waiting for me….. August 26, 2008

Well, I finally arrived back home for good about an hour ago (after five weeks of travel from Solihull to Lincolnshire, to West Sussex, to Dublin, back to West Sussex then to Cornwall, then back to Solihull, then to Staffordshire, then back up to Lincolnshire then finally back home to Solihull today!! phew!)… nobody can say I haven’t made the most of my summer holidays!!

But anyway, as I was saying, there to greet me was a lovely brown box all the way from the States, North Carolina to be exact (North Carolina reminds me of the song Tallulah sings in Bugsy Malone!!) A HUGE THANK YOU to Jenny who has really spoilt me. There is some GF Pasta, some chocolate brownie mix (yummy!) some ‘snackerdoodle’ cookies (great name!) two interesting looking cake bars and the most gorgeous turquoise Cascade Dolce wool, just my colour. Oh, and some nice green buttons, two needle huggers and a crochet hook. Lucky me! I love the wool and am already thinking it would make a fab winter beret or scarf. I might be making the brownies tonight after I’ve been shopping… the fridge is empty after five weeks away! I’m really glad I took part in the Gluten Free swap, its nice to swap anyway but extra nice to swap GF goodies with people who understand what you can and can’t eat!

I’ve got to unpack and get shopping but I will organise myself and my camera and get some pics of my travels up, and my finished grey cardi before I get back to school next week. …. mmmm, chocolate brownies!!


What you can achieve in a week August 6, 2008

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Well, I’ve had a quiet relaxing week on the farm with nothing to do but knit! In a week I’ve knit the back, two fronts and a sleeve of my basic grey cardi. Just one sleeve to go and then I’ve got to choose buttons. The pattern is by Drops designs (free on Ravelry) and quite a simple knit. I’ve got to pack today as I’m off to Dublin on Friday and then straight down to visit relatives in Cornwall – so I will be back to blogging after that and hopefully with a finished cardi and more to show you 🙂