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Gluten Free knitters swap – questionnaire July 4, 2008

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I’m taking part in yet another swap, this time a special swap as it brings together two of my main interests: knitting and gluten free food! (

My questionnaire:

  1. Ravelry name – Sleepknitting
  2. Please list your food intolerances/allergies/sensitivities: (Please indicate whether or not you are happy to receive items containing wheat starch.) – Coeliac, can’t have wheat or gluten containing products, also can’t have codex starch. Don’t get on with spicy food or spicy tea either. ALSO- I’m demi-vegetarian / pescetarian (don’t eat meat or meat products, only fish)
  3. A food item you always use – Cinammon, it livens up most GF baking!
  4. A food item you would never use – Meat, cucumber, white chocolate….. YUCK!
  5. Type (or difficulty level) of cooking (or baking) you prefer: – Fairly straightforward, no more than 30 mins prep time!
  6. Favourite flavours – Cinammon, apple, strawberry
  7. Favourite smells – Cinammon, vanilla
  8. Favourite beverage – Wine! ( and tea)
  9. Please list your knit/crochet/weaving/spinning/sewing crafts/hobbies: – Just knitting, often felting knitted items and needle felting.
  10. Small projects you enjoy – Socks (on two circ method), hats, scarves, felted bags
  11. Projects you dislike – dishcloths (why knit these?!?), shawls, capes, ponchos
  12. Favourite yarn/fiber – Something soft and natural like alpaca, merino, cashmere, silk or soft bamboo
  13. Favourite colour – purples, light and bright greens, pinks and turquoise
  14. Favourite colour combination – purple / green
  15. Yarn/fiber and colour you would never use – acrylic, nasty novelty yarn like eyelash (YUCK) and chenille. Don’t like Oranges and yellows very much, not into cream or bland colours.
  16. Wish list items you would like to receive (and can’t find locally) – Lantern moon needles, any yarn that fits the description really. 
  17. Things your swap partner might like to know (example: family situation, kids, pets, blog url, etc.) – blog is here obviously. Not much that isn’t mentioned on my blog, only that I am a teacher and during the summer holiday (late July to early Sept) I travel about a lot and only have sporadic internet access.

optional questions I know I wouldn’t mind answering
and the more a swap partner knows, the better the package!

  • Favourite animal(s)  – I’ve never had pets but quite like dosile cats.
  • Favourite books/magazines/TV show  – Harry Potter books
  • Favourite symbols/shapes/icons  – Stars
  • Collections? -buttons and ribbons.
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    One Response to “Gluten Free knitters swap – questionnaire”

    1. raincoaster Says:

      When I saw the title of this post, I was curious. I didn’t think there WAS any gluten in most yarns…thanks for clearing it up.

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