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Where is my camera? June 15, 2008

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If I knew where it was I could take a picture to show you my progress on the bottoms up top. I’m up to the eyelets on the front neckline and its looking good so far; I’ve now figured out where all the errors are in the printed pattern and I’ve ammended the pattern accordingly! (it is annoying when you follow a published pattern from a magazine and there are errors, you would think that someone would test knit it first wouldn’t you??!)

Anyway, my neck has improved a lot and I can actually move it now! It was incredibly painful for a few days, then it started to ease off, I’ve been back and fourth to the chiropractors which has helped a lot. I’m still seeing them about my back and hip problems too so I’m quite stiff and sore most of the time! I’ve been wondering lately if any of this is linked to my Coeliac disease and Osteopenia, so many of the health problems I’ve had over the years have been caused by the undiagnosed Coeliac disease that I lived with for for about fourteen years without knowing!

I’ve been busy working on the bottoms up top but most of my free time lately is spent at school trying to pack up my classroom; the school closes on the 18th July so there is only five weeks of term left to clear away my belongings before the demolishers move in. Its a very sad time at school for the chidren and the staff, the school opened in 1971 and some of the staff have been there since the mid 1970’s. My class are very young and they don’t really understand why the school is closing and why they are all going to different schools.

I’m excited about the new UK Swap that has just started, I’ve got my match and I’ve already started buying things for her parcel. Swaps are great, its like getting a birthday present (and the gifts are usually better than most birthday presents I get!)

Right, I’m off to find my camera!


2 Responses to “Where is my camera?”

  1. Miss 376 Says:

    I hate patterns that are incorrect, had to give up on one pattern because I just couldn’t work out how it was supposed to go.

    I would love to get involved with the UK Swap, could you point me in the right direction if it’s not too late to get invlolved

  2. Swap Pal Says:

    I hope this swap won’t disappoint. I look forward to sussing you out.

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