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Bottoms Up! June 7, 2008

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Progress so far on ‘Bottoms Up’ top. I’ve just separated the front and back and am working the front section, loving it so far. Its a very stretchy top so it should fit well wthout being too tight. As its 100% wool its going to be quite cosy so its not going to be a summer top, I imagine I will be wearing it in the Autumn.

I’m still in a lot of pain with my neck, I found it very hard to sleep last night as I like to sleep on my side but I can only lie on my back. Painkillers and ice don’t seem to be helping, I’m worried it will last into next week. The Chiropractor thinks it will go in a few days but its just as bad this morning. I can’t move my head very much so I’m walking very stiffly, its really inconvenient as I have a load of house work to do this weekend!


One Response to “Bottoms Up!”

  1. Sorry you’re still hurting. Hope it doens’t last and ruin your week.

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