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My first attempt at needle felting May 22, 2008

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This is my first ever attempt at needle felting! A bit rough and amature but not a bad start I think. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with the wool roving and felting tool – this was made with the clover felting tool and brush mat, the tool has four needles and is not really meant for fine detailed stuff like this but I think I managed it ok. I’ve got a foam felting block and individual needles on order which will allow me to have a go at 3D felting / wool sculpting. The clover tool is very good though and especially good for felting applique=type designs onto surfaces like felted bags. I could get carried away with this…. I must get back to my knitting!


3 Responses to “My first attempt at needle felting”

  1. Looks like a darn good first attempt to me!

  2. thefunkyrooster Says:

    I just recently took up needle felting too. It’s very addictive. I do mostly tiny critters. It’s really fun, isn’t it?

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