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My new obsession May 18, 2008

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I’ve gone a bit off track with knitting lately as I have spent my time researching my new obsession… needle felting!

I have been aware of this process for some time as I went to a craft fair in Cornwall last summer and saw some fab needle felted fairy dolls on sale, they were awesome and I was really interested in how they were made. a few days ago I was searching the internet for felting techniques to decorate a felted bag and I came across some designs that were embellished with needle felted motifs. This look really appeals to me, I like the idea of painting with wool and adding to my finished knitted garments. I have looked into the process further and become fascinated by the process of 3D needle felting, sculpting in wool to create figures. Anyway, I’ve spent lots of money that I don’t have on a beginners needle felting kit and some roving – this is to have a got at making a 3D teddy bear. I have also bought a clover felting tool and felting block, this is for needle felting onto a surface… my felted bag! i can’t wait for it all to arrive so that I can get started with it.

For now i will have to get on with my ‘bottoms up’ t-shirt, this is from an old issue of ‘yarn forward’ magazine and knitted in Shepherd baby wool 4ply – photo coming soon 🙂


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