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The joy of felting! May 5, 2008

From knitted to felted! in just two washes 🙂

I do love felting (or ‘fulling’ to give it its real name) I found the pattern for this striped tote on Ravely and thought I’d give it a go using some New Lanark Aran that has been sitting in my stash quietly for a few months. This wool is amazing, its incredibly cheap and it felts beautifully – I will be purchasing more! It knitted up very quickly on my Denise circulars and went through two 50 deg washes on its own. I know some people add jeans etc to felting but I’ve always found my machine felts items perfectly well on their own. I’m really pleased with the finished result and I’m thinking of adding some embroidery or applique when its dry.

I’ve had a nice bank holiday weekend, we went to Wales for the night on Saturday to stay with by boyfriends parents whilst they were there on holiday. Back to school tomorrow so I’d better get some planning and report writing done this afternoon! I’m busy reading up on Nursery and Early Years education at the moment in preparation for my new job in September; I’m very excited to be teaching Nursery but there is a lot to learn!


2 Responses to “The joy of felting!”

  1. The bag turned out really nice. I bet Wales was lovely in early May, too. I’m jealous!

  2. Wibbo Says:

    Lovely bag! I haven’t tried any of the New Lanark yarns yet – I’ve got as far as buying the shade card….

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