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I got a new job! April 29, 2008

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I’m soooooo thrilled! I had two interviews today for teaching jobs – my current school is due to close in july and I’ve been facing redundancy. Today I was offered a job in a beautiful school (Ofsted instected them as ‘outstanding’). I’m going to be teaching Nursery (that’s children aged 3-4 years old) starting in September.

I am just so excited! Its everything that I wanted, the school is just a five minute drive from my flat and its in a beautiful setting with a swimming pool!  – I AM SO HAPPY!


5 Responses to “I got a new job!”

  1. Wonderful! I’m sure that is a huge relief. Now you can enjoy your summer!

  2. Hreow Says:

    Congratulations! Good location, excellent facilities, good rep and children small enough to not be a lethal pain in the backside. Can’t do much better than that. ^^

  3. What wonderful news! I am glad you got all that you wanted in your new job.

  4. Kazza Says:

    Congratulations! Im really pleased for you! Im still hunting, please send some of your good luck my way!

  5. Jominx Says:

    Congratulations! My DD is 4 and at pre-school, I think you deserve a medal ;P

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