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Leaf t-shirt April 2, 2008


Here is yet another WIP, its the leaf t-shirt from ‘knitting school dropout’ (It can be found on Ravelry) I really like the Debblie Bliss Cathay yarn, I’ve used it before and liked it. I know some people find it splits but I’ve not really experienced it apart from when casting on – I had to learn to use the long tail cast on method for this one which I’m not sure I liked! I’m a cable cast on girl at heart 😉 This is the first top-down raglan I’ve even done, I like the idea of no seams but I can’t really see how its going to turn out yet, maybe after a few more rounds it will reveal itself.

 I’ve spent today filling out job applications for yet more teaching posts; our school closes in July and its getting closer and closer now. I hope everyone at work finds a job, my redundancy pay-off is a pathetic amount of money! I’m in a bit of discomfort today as I’ve woken up to find one of my eyelids has doubled in size and is bright red and very sore; I’ve obviously got some kind of infection but couldnn’t get a doctors appointment today so I will try again tomorrow. My eye is constantly weeping tears and its so sore! I haven’t been able to put make up on and I don’t want to go out as I look like I’ve been in a fight!


3 Responses to “Leaf t-shirt”

  1. Nicola Says:

    That looks very pretty – I’ll have to go to Ravelry and look it up so I can see the finished garment.

  2. OOO, I really like that shirt so far. Lovely color and patterning. Sorry about the eye.

  3. princesspea Says:

    This is really pretty!

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