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I got a new job! April 29, 2008

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I’m soooooo thrilled! I had two interviews today for teaching jobs – my current school is due to close in july and I’ve been facing redundancy. Today I was offered a job in a beautiful school (Ofsted instected them as ‘outstanding’). I’m going to be teaching Nursery (that’s children aged 3-4 years old) starting in September.

I am just so excited! Its everything that I wanted, the school is just a five minute drive from my flat and its in a beautiful setting with a swimming pool!  – I AM SO HAPPY!


Quick and easy felted bag April 27, 2008

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Life has been a bit manic lately so I’ve been working on a very simple striped tote bag. Its going to be felted and the stripes vary in size. I’m using New Lanark Aran which is beautiful and a total bargain, watch this space for the finished felted item!

I have been busy preparing for interviews and preparing lesson observations this week, on Tuesday I have two interviews in one day! I’m hoping that I will get one of the jobs and then I can stop worrying about where I’m going to be teaching In September. Better get back to my school work, but I will blog about my interviews next week.


We call it a ‘happy mistake’! April 20, 2008

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The Leaf t-shirt is finished! … and I made a massive mistake with it 🙂 Oh, well!

Somehow I managed to get the sleeve twisted up, one one side its just right, on the other side the shoulder shaping cuts across to the neckline…. but I actually really like it; it sort of looks like its meant to do it (well, it does to me anyway!) I’m very happy with the rest of it, I moved the leaf pattern to one side rather than the centre (this is probably how I messed up the sleeve!)

Anyway, we will call this a happy mistake. I’m going to wear my twisted t-shirt with pride!


Its taken a while April 19, 2008

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Its been a while since my last post; Wrdpress have changed the way you upload posts to your blog and I’ve only just figured it out! (hopefully this works anyway!)

Since my last post we had a bit of snow, this is the view out of our lounge window, I love snow! Work has been keeping me very busy, I can’t believe we have been back to school for two weeks already. I’m still in the process of looking for a job for September, I’ve been visiting lots of schools and getting applications done. I’m waiting to hear from five schools at the moment – I’m hoping that one of those jobs has my name on it as the threat of redundancy moves ever closer!

Here is the only bit of knitting that I’ve had time to work on, its resembling a proper t-shirt now and I love the stitch pattern. I wish that I had added a bit of ribbing when I cast on at the neckline as it rolls a lot, I might do this at the bottom when I cast off. The only problem with this pattern is that I am having a hard job making neat joins when I change to a new ball of yarn. There are no seams to hide the join in and the Debbie Bliss Cathay is so silky that the join seems to slip open and appear obvious. Oh well, I will work on it!


Leaf t-shirt April 2, 2008


Here is yet another WIP, its the leaf t-shirt from ‘knitting school dropout’ (It can be found on Ravelry) I really like the Debblie Bliss Cathay yarn, I’ve used it before and liked it. I know some people find it splits but I’ve not really experienced it apart from when casting on – I had to learn to use the long tail cast on method for this one which I’m not sure I liked! I’m a cable cast on girl at heart 😉 This is the first top-down raglan I’ve even done, I like the idea of no seams but I can’t really see how its going to turn out yet, maybe after a few more rounds it will reveal itself.

 I’ve spent today filling out job applications for yet more teaching posts; our school closes in July and its getting closer and closer now. I hope everyone at work finds a job, my redundancy pay-off is a pathetic amount of money! I’m in a bit of discomfort today as I’ve woken up to find one of my eyelids has doubled in size and is bright red and very sore; I’ve obviously got some kind of infection but couldnn’t get a doctors appointment today so I will try again tomorrow. My eye is constantly weeping tears and its so sore! I haven’t been able to put make up on and I don’t want to go out as I look like I’ve been in a fight!


My trip to York April 1, 2008


Our beautiful room in York!


York Minster


Inside York Minster


A view from the tower at York Minster – 275 very steep steps up the very narrow staircase, but the view was worth it!


One of the beautiful rooms as Castle Howard


Me… outside Castle Howard…. it was very windy!

 Sorry to be one of those people who bore you with their holiday snaps! I had a fantastic time in York with Tim, we had a beautiful room in a lovely hotel just outside the city centre. The hotel was fantastic about my Coeliac diet and provided me with gluten free toast for breakfast! We went to the magnificent York Minster and climbed the tower, my legs were like jelly after climing and descending the spiral staircase… and my thighs have been killing me ever since 😉

Today we went to Castle Howard which was really stunning, I love stately homes and this has to be one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever been to. All in all it was a fab mini-break and a great early birthday present – Lucky me!

I took my knitting with me but I didn’t pick it up once, no time. I’m guilty of casting off yet another project, its the ‘leaf t-shirt’ by Melissa Lynn aka Knitting School Dropout

I’m using Debbie Bliss Cathay in soft pink – pictures coming soon.