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Look – I’ve been knitting! March 27, 2008


I’ve got my camera sorted out and here are the pictures as promised. I cast on this lace wrap last night; the pattern is Leftover Lace which you can find here:

I’m using GGH Soft Kid which I bought at the Ally Pally last year. So far I’m pleased with this, the pattern is easy to follow and I think it suits the yarn. I’m not sure if I like the GGH Soft Kid though, it feels very soft in the ball but when knitted it feels a bit rough to touch. This is bound to take me ages so I think it will be an ongoing WIP.


My next WIP is this Rowan ‘Banshee Camisole’ from the book ‘Kidsilk Dream’ (although I found the pattern for free online!) I’m using Rowan Kidsilk Haze in ‘Fern’. I’ve never knitted with this before and at first I was wary of using such a fine yarn, but I’m now totally in love with it. Its amazingly soft and fluffy but still quite strong, its going to take a while to knit up but I think it will be worth it. I can see why this yarn has the nickname ‘Cracksilk Haze’ as it really is quite addictive, and there are some beautiful colours available.


Lastly here is a picture of my finished Tunic top. The pattern is the Tunic top from the Twilleys Freedom Spirit book 455, the yarn is James C Brett Marble DK. I think the Marble makes a good substitute for the Freedom Spirit wool; I’m normally a bit of a yarn snob when it comes to acrylic yarns but the Marble DK is quite nice, its has a natural-fibre feel to it and a nice even tension. The jumper does need pressing / blocking but on the whole I’m quite pleased with it.

I’m off to York on Sunday and looking forward to it, its my early birthday treat from Tim. For now I’m enjoying the Easter Holidays and happily watching Harry Potter, knitting and drinking tea – Bliss! I’m also taking part in the ‘Four Seasons’ Spring swap on Ravelry, so I’m busy stalking my swapee and gathering ideas for a Spring-themed parcel. I guess there is someone out there stalking me too! I do love swaps and I like the idea of a season-themed package. I’m thinking along the lines of cotton/ bamboo blends and bright spring colours like fresh green and sky blues – I’ve never knitted with Bamboo before but its something I’d like to try.

In other news I’ve had the blood test results from my latest Coeliac check-up, they confirm that my gluten-free diet is slowly working and my antibody levels have dropped as a result. They are still not back to ‘normal’ but this confirms that my diet is gradually making me better and will hopefully mean I don’t need to have another horrible gastroscopy. I also keep getting phonecalls from my GP and dietician to check I’m taking my calcium suppliments and eating lots of calcium, I have to go back for another bone density scan next year to check on my Osteopenia (low bone density) Im supposed to be getting lots of ‘weight-bearing’ excercise to improve my bone density which is something Iwill need to work on as I HATE excercise with a passion! I wonder if frantic knitting counts?!?


4 Responses to “Look – I’ve been knitting!”

  1. twiceknit Says:

    The lace wrap is beautiful. Such a pretty stitch pattern. Glad to hear your gluten-free diet is working. It looked like I had celiac for a while last year, and I switched to a gluten-free diet for a few months. It’s a difficult thing to cut out gluten entirely. It’s in everything! In the end, it didn’t help me at all and it turned out I had something different altogether, but I can sympathize!

  2. ambertides Says:

    Everything looks so yummy. And that shade of green! *swoon*

  3. Lucy Says:

    Phone calls from your GP and dietician? What a great support team you have.

    Glad to hear it’s going well.

  4. noonie Says:

    You are more than welcome to join me walking the dog, I too have to do weight bearing exercise to ward off soft bones. Although luckily so far so good mine haven’t softened yet. But I can always use company walking round the park.. fields etc..

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