Sleep Knitting

Knitting, sleeping (whenever I Can), Living with Coeliac Disease, Teaching and planning a wedding!

Sock Puppets March 21, 2008


I can’t claim much credit for these – they are some of the sock puppets that my class of 5-7 year olds have made this term – I think they are great! They had a lot of fun designing and creating them and they had even more fun playing with them.

Not too much creativity to report from me, I’ve been busy filling out more application forms and searching for more teaching jobs. I went to look at a lovely infant school yesterday that I’m going to apply to, there are also a couple of other jobs in the pipeline that will be coming up after Easter. I’m now on my Easter holiday as school broke up yesterday, later today I’m off up to Lincolnshire to visit my boyfriends parents on their farm for a bit of peace and quiet. I love going up there as I get loads of knitting done, I’m taking my tunic top with me and probably a few balls of yarn for my next project in case I do finish the tunic!

I won’t be back until Tuesday so hopefully I will have some pictures to blog next week – happy Easter!


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