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Preparing for the interview March 16, 2008

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No photo’s to upload this week; knitting has been low on the agenda as I’ve been busy job hunting. It has paid off as I have an interview next week, so I’ve been busy preparing for it. I’m quite nervous about messing it up as I really want a job in this school.

Yesterday I helped out at the UK Handknitting stand at the the NEC for the ICHF show. We were knitting things for the Sean the Sheep Pickknit challenge and also teaching people to knit. I really enjoyed the moring I spend there and it was great to teach people how to knit. I was supposed to be helping out today but I had to drop out to prepare for the interview next week. Right, off to plan my interview lesson now, I will blog about the interview next week (fingers crossed for me!)


4 Responses to “Preparing for the interview”

  1. Kazza Says:

    Best of luck with the interview Claire, I hope all goes well

  2. francine Says:

    Although a regular lurker on your blog, i never can think of something interesting to write, so this time it’s not orginal, but I really do mean it: bonne chance!

  3. noonie Says:

    Good Luck.. great to meet you. We need to meet up as I live in Solihull too. Do you go to Stitches Knitting night?

  4. Hi Noonie, yes I’ve been to Stitches a couple of times. Wednesday is not a great night for me though so I’ve not been for a while. Hopefully when I get my job situation sorted out I will get back down there again!

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