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my poor neglected socks March 1, 2008


Not a lot of knitting to report this week, I’ve worked the gusset on one of my bubble wrap socks but thats about it. I’ve been job hunting again this week and I’m going to spend today filling out an application form for a job I really want. Everyone I work with at school is now facing redundancy so we are all off visiting schools and going to interviews, its quite stressful.

Hopefully the socks won’t be neglected much longer! They have taken over from my other knitting and I’ve totally ignored my tunic top lately. Yep, I’ve been bitten by the sock bug and I keep looking at sock yarn on the internet and searching for patterns I want to knit.

I’m also going to post a parcel to my pal from the UK swap today, so they can expect it sometime early next week; I’ve left her a little clue to my identity but I’m wondering if it was too tricky!


5 Responses to “my poor neglected socks”

  1. springplum Says:

    Good luck on the job search; I hope you find the perfect job.

    The socks are certainly quite lovely. That pattern works very well for that yarn.

  2. Monnibo Says:

    Congratulations — you’ve won a prize in the Weekly Topics Contest on the UK Swap blog!! It’s going in the mail today.

    P.S. I love your knitted bunny!

  3. Lyndsey-Jane Says:

    The socks are looking great, and sock knitting so addictive. I am in the process of teaching my mum to knit socks. Thank yoy for my parcel I love it all, and how strange that we both have the same blog template – great minds think alike and all that. My best mate have coelics so I completely understand what it is like. I don’t eat that much wheat based stuff myself, as I find it effects my ME/CFS, as does refined carbohydrate (white pasta, white rice etc) although I know I don’t have coelics as I was tested for when they were trying to diagnosis my ME. I love rye bread at the moment, and Food Doctort Spelt crackers, great with cottage cheese prawns and avocado

  4. Kazza Says:

    Good luck with the job hunting. Your socks are looking fab!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Those socks look great – I like the stitch pattern.

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