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Look – I’ve been knitting! March 27, 2008


I’ve got my camera sorted out and here are the pictures as promised. I cast on this lace wrap last night; the pattern is Leftover Lace which you can find here:

I’m using GGH Soft Kid which I bought at the Ally Pally last year. So far I’m pleased with this, the pattern is easy to follow and I think it suits the yarn. I’m not sure if I like the GGH Soft Kid though, it feels very soft in the ball but when knitted it feels a bit rough to touch. This is bound to take me ages so I think it will be an ongoing WIP.


My next WIP is this Rowan ‘Banshee Camisole’ from the book ‘Kidsilk Dream’ (although I found the pattern for free online!) I’m using Rowan Kidsilk Haze in ‘Fern’. I’ve never knitted with this before and at first I was wary of using such a fine yarn, but I’m now totally in love with it. Its amazingly soft and fluffy but still quite strong, its going to take a while to knit up but I think it will be worth it. I can see why this yarn has the nickname ‘Cracksilk Haze’ as it really is quite addictive, and there are some beautiful colours available.


Lastly here is a picture of my finished Tunic top. The pattern is the Tunic top from the Twilleys Freedom Spirit book 455, the yarn is James C Brett Marble DK. I think the Marble makes a good substitute for the Freedom Spirit wool; I’m normally a bit of a yarn snob when it comes to acrylic yarns but the Marble DK is quite nice, its has a natural-fibre feel to it and a nice even tension. The jumper does need pressing / blocking but on the whole I’m quite pleased with it.

I’m off to York on Sunday and looking forward to it, its my early birthday treat from Tim. For now I’m enjoying the Easter Holidays and happily watching Harry Potter, knitting and drinking tea – Bliss! I’m also taking part in the ‘Four Seasons’ Spring swap on Ravelry, so I’m busy stalking my swapee and gathering ideas for a Spring-themed parcel. I guess there is someone out there stalking me too! I do love swaps and I like the idea of a season-themed package. I’m thinking along the lines of cotton/ bamboo blends and bright spring colours like fresh green and sky blues – I’ve never knitted with Bamboo before but its something I’d like to try.

In other news I’ve had the blood test results from my latest Coeliac check-up, they confirm that my gluten-free diet is slowly working and my antibody levels have dropped as a result. They are still not back to ‘normal’ but this confirms that my diet is gradually making me better and will hopefully mean I don’t need to have another horrible gastroscopy. I also keep getting phonecalls from my GP and dietician to check I’m taking my calcium suppliments and eating lots of calcium, I have to go back for another bone density scan next year to check on my Osteopenia (low bone density) Im supposed to be getting lots of ‘weight-bearing’ excercise to improve my bone density which is something Iwill need to work on as I HATE excercise with a passion! I wonder if frantic knitting counts?!?


Easter Snow! March 26, 2008



Well, I’m back from my Easter weekend away in Lincolnshire staying with my boyfreind’s parents…. and as you can see, it snowed! I’ve not seen snow like this for quite a few years and its certainly been a long time since I made a snowman! As it was Easter we also made a snow bunny; the snow didn’t last too long but it was a lot of fun!

I finished my tunic top whilst I was away, unfortunately I have no pictures yet as I’ve left my camera charger at work (whoops!) so hopefully I will be able to drop into school and collect it. I’m on my Easter holidays now until 7th April when school goes back. This coming weekend Tim is taking me to York for a couple of days as an early birthday present. I’ve never been there before and I’m looking forward to visiting Castle Howard and York Minster, and also staying in a nice hotel!

I’ve started work on a camisole top in Rowan Kidsilk Haze, I’ve never worked with this yarn before but I think I will again. Its amazing, so soft and not at all scratchy and it is just so so so fine! I was a bit wary of knitting with something that thin, but it is actually quite strong and grows quicker than I thought. I’ve also ordered the yarn to make another lace edged cardi for my boyfriend’s mum. Busy busy busy!!


Sock Puppets March 21, 2008


I can’t claim much credit for these – they are some of the sock puppets that my class of 5-7 year olds have made this term – I think they are great! They had a lot of fun designing and creating them and they had even more fun playing with them.

Not too much creativity to report from me, I’ve been busy filling out more application forms and searching for more teaching jobs. I went to look at a lovely infant school yesterday that I’m going to apply to, there are also a couple of other jobs in the pipeline that will be coming up after Easter. I’m now on my Easter holiday as school broke up yesterday, later today I’m off up to Lincolnshire to visit my boyfriends parents on their farm for a bit of peace and quiet. I love going up there as I get loads of knitting done, I’m taking my tunic top with me and probably a few balls of yarn for my next project in case I do finish the tunic!

I won’t be back until Tuesday so hopefully I will have some pictures to blog next week – happy Easter!


Better luck next time! March 18, 2008

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Well, I didn’t get the job and I am dissapointed, I do feel that I did my best though. I guess that is all you can do! I’m not too down though, back onto the job search tomorrow, hopefully lots more teaching jobs will come up after Easter anyway.

I’m back to knitting my tunic top and am hoping to finish it during the Easter holidays; school breaks up on Thursday for two weeks and will give me time to catch up on some neglected projects. I love the school holidays, it is obviously one of the perks of being a teacher and I always appreciate the time I have off during the year. Easter is one of my favourite times of the year (apart from my birthday, I hate birthdays!) I love seeing daffodils about and I love that its getting lighter in the mornings now. I’m not a big fan of Summer though, I hate the hot sticky weather.

Right, I’m planning to get some pictures up of my tunic top before next week.. no promises though!


Preparing for the interview March 16, 2008

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No photo’s to upload this week; knitting has been low on the agenda as I’ve been busy job hunting. It has paid off as I have an interview next week, so I’ve been busy preparing for it. I’m quite nervous about messing it up as I really want a job in this school.

Yesterday I helped out at the UK Handknitting stand at the the NEC for the ICHF show. We were knitting things for the Sean the Sheep Pickknit challenge and also teaching people to knit. I really enjoyed the moring I spend there and it was great to teach people how to knit. I was supposed to be helping out today but I had to drop out to prepare for the interview next week. Right, off to plan my interview lesson now, I will blog about the interview next week (fingers crossed for me!)


Bubble Wrap socks finished at last March 9, 2008



I made it my mission last night to finish these off…. and here they are!

Pattern: Bubble Wrap socks by Sockbug (knitted on two circulars)

Yarn: Opal Zircus (not sure of colourway)

It was a very easy pattern to follow and a really easy stitch pattern to memorise. I think the bubble wrap effect goes well with the opal yarn pattern, I was concerned that the stripes would be too much with it but I’m very happy with the finished result. The only change I made was in the way I worked on picking up the gusset stitches, the Sockbug pattern tells you to use a spare needle but I used the Cat Bordhi method of picking up half the stitches and knitting half the foot stitches onto each needle (does that make sense?) Anyway, a great pattern for the two circular method, I will definitely be trying out more Sockbug patterns in the future.

Now I’ve got these done I really must get back to my tunic top in James C Brett Marble, I have done the back and started the front but it got demoted to the bottom of the WIP pile in favour of the socks! I have to admit I am half tempted to cast on some more socks today though… my poor tunic top may never be finished!


I actually won something! March 8, 2008


Yes! This is the first prize from the weekly topics competition on the UK Swap Blog…. and its mine! I was really suprised to find out I won something (I never win anything!) and this is just lovely. There is some beautiful yarn from Vikingknits, I think it is laceweight so I will have to do some research into patterns as I’ve never knitted laceweight before. Some nice goodies and beautiful stitch markers. Typically I had just ordered some new stitch markers the day before (pictured below!) At the time I had no idea I’d won the prize, so now I have plenty of stitch markers to lose down the back of the sofa!


Knitting has been slow recently as my time has been filled with job applications and job hunting; we were served with our redundancy letters this week so the race is on to find a new teaching post for September. I am crossing everything that I will get an interview for the lovely little village school I’ve applied for and there is another school that I’m going to look around next week. My boyfriend (he teaches at the same school) has got an interview next week so I’m also hoping for good luck for him too, obviously its a bit stressful at home with both of us needing a new job.