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I confess…. I have cast on some socks February 22, 2008


So much for getting on with my tunic top! I felt the urge to knit socks the other night so I cast on a pair of ‘Bubble Wrap’ socks from the Sockbug pattern; the yarn is Opal Zircus. They are really fun to knit and its a very simple pattern to follow. I love the colour changes in the Opal yarn, it is a real incentive to keep knitting and see what will happen next!

I have finally found the perfect teaching job to apply for this week and I went to look around the school on Wednesday; I’m going to try and get my application form done this weekend – its a lovely small village school teaching in Key Stage One…its perfect for me (fingers crossed!) I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this before but my school is being closed this summer; its because the local authority are building new schools and merging existing schools together. Unfortunately our school is closing as part of the re-development and all the staff are facing redundancy in the summer. So I’ve been searching for a new job since January and this is the first job that has come up!

Right, Back to my socks! I’m going to try to get to the Birmingham Stitch and Bitch tomorrow (the last at the library before they re-locate to the art gallery cafe) so I think my socks will be coming with me tomorrow!


6 Responses to “I confess…. I have cast on some socks”

  1. Love the colors and patterns of the sock. Hope the job search finds you with the perfect situation soon.

  2. knitknacker Says:

    I’ve recenty developed the sock bug and everything sock related fascinates me. Yours are great. I agree the pattern really suits the yarn. Good luck with the job.

  3. auburnchick Says:

    What a lovely pair of socks! I like the colors in the yarn, and that pattern is darline!

  4. Those are really, really pretty. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the striping ends up!

  5. frillbow Says:

    Your bubble wrap socks look great in that yarn. Know what you mean about the incentive – “just one more stripe and I’ll put it down”.

  6. Andee Says:

    These are just gorgeous. I am so inspired to start ‘another pair’ of socks. Where on earth will I store them? But how could anyone resist the temptation to knit such beautiful items?

    Had a similar diagnosis some time back and oncologist put me on a drug called zometa. Seems to have done the trick as the drug regime was unsuccessful me. Good luck!


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