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At last, some finished socks! February 16, 2008


Half term is nearly over but I do feel that I have made the most of the break. Last night I finally finished the toes of my Columbine Peak socks, and here they are. They have turned out bigger than I anticipated; according to others on Ravelry this seems quite common with this pattern. To try and avoid this I left out the final pattern repeat but they have still turned out quite big. I’m not too bothered though, they are comfy to wear and are destined to be bed socks anyway, and soooo warm! I’ve never knitted socks from 100% wool before and they are a lot warmer.

Also pictured here are some pretty glass buttons that arrived this morning as the final part of my UK Swap parcel – my swap pal was Hreow (I’m sorry, I still don’t know her real name as she is blog-less!) But a big thanks again to you for all of my lovely presents!

We’ve got some friends staying this weekend so I’ve got up early to have a quick tidy up and finish some planning. I don’t know how much knitting I will get done but i would like to get a move on with the tunic top. I also cast on a mini-project last night after finishing the socks, its a bunny toy from a Debbie Bliss pattern.

I have been doing a bit of research into my recently diagnosed Osteopenia (low bone density) I have been put on high-dose calcium suppliments, I’ve got to up my excercise (especially weight-bearing excercise) and I need more calcium in my diet. It is possible to increase bone density but it does take time, obviously I’m going to have to make the changes as I do not want to end up with Osteoporosis when I’m older. It was a bit of a shock when I got the results, but it is common for Coeliacs to develop this condition and there are certainly worse things that I could have. I’ve ordered a book about the condition so hopefully that will give me some advice anyway.

Right, I’ve got some cleaning and school work to do so I will be off now, hopefully with photos of a finished bunny next time I blog!


2 Responses to “At last, some finished socks!”

  1. Love your socks and buttons.

  2. Priscilla Says:

    Cute socks – the pink makes them look even better!

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