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Wow! – I have been spoilt! February 14, 2008

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My parcel from the Uk Swap arrived this morning on valentines day 🙂 I resisted for about fifteen minutes then I caved in and opened it.


Opened the box and looked inside……


And look what I got!!! (I have been well and truly spoilt!)


Three beaufiful books, the natural knitter is absolutely beautiful!


A pack of Cashsilk from Lanes Du Nord in a beautiful mossy green (very me) Three balls of lovely aran from New Lanark (which I can include in my striped bag project!) … and randomly a bit of broken glass in the blue bag!


Some lovely tea (I love Whittard!) and this perfect ‘tea for one’ teapot. I’ve been lusting after one of these for years, now I can have a whole pot of tea all to myself! …. while I lunch on my Thorntons Gluten free toffee!!


Last but not least a cute little keyring notebook for knitting notes, and these are probably my favourite thing… ART VIVA NEEDLES! … I have been wanting some of these ever since I saw them at the Ally Pally last year, they are so tactile and gorgeous!

I have really been spolit and stalked so well, I love everything in the parcel. This was way more than I was expecting and I am a very lucky girl!!! Thank you to my secret pal! I think I have an idea who you might be, but there was no clue in the parcel so I will have to double-check on my hunch!

I must get on with my pal’s parcel now, I think I am the first in the swap to receive my parcel as there is a few weeks left yet. This has really cheered me up today, I was a bit down earlier today as I got my test results from the bone scan and have found out I’ve got Osteopenia. But hey ho, I’ve got this fab parcel to make me smile – THANK YOU SECRET PAL!


6 Responses to “Wow! – I have been spoilt!”

  1. UK Swap Upstream Says:

    the glass…. 😦 I’m really sorry… The cat got a perfect hit on my drinking-glas when playing his favourite game of “shove anything that will move off the freezer” and I had no idea that part of the shrapnel wound up in the bag. 😦 Thought it was pens he had a true knack of hiding. I hope you didn’t cut yourself on it and that you can find it in your heart to forgive me for missing it.

    I’m very happy that the postman timed the delivery so well, and that you liked your swag. It was a true pleasure to dream up the things you might enjoy! 🙂

  2. No problem about the glass – made me giggle actually! It really is a most wonderful parcel of goodies, I’ve just had a nice cup of tea in my new tea pot and I’m chewing on some toffee as I type! I can’t wait to use the needles and I’m searching for a nice pattern for the Green silk yarn. I hope your move goes well, thanks so much again for a great gift that really cheered me up!

    Claire x

  3. Vikki Says:

    Wowie you got an awesome parcel of goodies! I was going to say I particularly love and envy the teapot, but I could acutally say that about it all! Nice one!!

  4. Monnibo Says:

    Ooh I’m dying to know who your partner is! Did she reveal herself in the package? Leave her name!?

    I can’t ruin the secrecy of the swap by looking at the master list… *giggle*… I don’t know who got who in Vikki’s Group, and she doesn’t know who got who in my group.

  5. angie Says:

    Oh wow! what a wonderful haul of pressies! And the random glass LOL

  6. Marianne Says:

    wow…what a brilliant package! You lucky lady!

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