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Hello there Mr. Alpaca! February 12, 2008



These fuzzy folk are the Alpacas who live on my boyfriend’s parent’s farm. We went to visit them up in Lincolnshire and just arrived back this afternoon; these pictures were taken yesterday afternoon in the sunshine. They are very quiet, they had a good old look at me taking pictures of them then went back to their grass-munching. They belong to a friend of my boyfriend’s folks who has only had them about six months and keeps them mainly as pets; I don’t think she has had them fleeced yet….I don’t think my hairdressing skills are up to it so I will settle for shop bought alpaca wool for now! They are funny looking animals, their fleece is very dense and matted to touch and some of them look like they are wearing wigs!


I liked the tail on this one, it was like a pom-pom with a tassle!


Animals aside, here is my progress on the tunic top, this is the back piece, the light is a bit bright today but you can get a reasonable idea of the colours of the James C Brett Marble yarn. I’m quite liking the feel of it; obviously it would be better if it had some natural fibres but as an acrylic yarn I don’t hate it!

I’m loving half term at the moment, I’m hoping to get some gluten-free baking done this week as well as some knitting and hopefully making myself an apron out of the lovely cotton fabric I bought in the John Lewis sale….. and most importantly of all, catching up on some sleep!!


One Response to “Hello there Mr. Alpaca!”

  1. UK Swap Upstream Says:

    Lovely alpacas! How many did you manage to pocket and bring home? ^_^

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