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Fainting and retro knitting patterns February 5, 2008


Will I ever get through a blood test without fainting? …. I doubt it. Just had one this afternoon as part of my Coeliac review appointment and I thought I was ok for once, got outside and just flopped, very embarrasing! I don’t know what it is that makes me go funny, needles, blood, the hospital itself, probably a combination of all three!

I saw the dietician and went through my diet and talked about my recent relapse of coeliac symptoms, she thinks I’m eating gluten without realising it. Either that or I’m lactose intolerant or one of those rare coeliac’s who cannot tolerate codex wheat (the supposedly safe kind) I will have to wait for the test results.

I was supposed to be at church tonight for the year 6 Confirmations (I work in a Catholic primary school but I am am not remotely Christian!) but I’m going to stay here under my blanket, have some mash potato and do some knitting! I’ve been to the gym the last two nights in a row and my muscles are killing me.

I ordered some James C Brett ‘marble DK’ yesterday, usually I steer well clear of acrylic yarn but this stuff is fab, my mum bought some at the Ally Pally last year and I’ve been considering getting some ever since. I’ve got these great Woolworths pattern books from the mid-sixties and early seventies and I quite like the idea of making some of the tops. Every pattern in both books call for bri-nylon!! but I think this would be a reasonable substitute. The directions in the patterns are quite different too, and of course all in inches. Pictured are the patterns I like…. and just for a good giggle a picture of the crochet bikini (no, I’m not planning to make this!)


2 Responses to “Fainting and retro knitting patterns”

  1. UKswap Upstream Says:

    I used to have one of those bikinis… They’re not so bad when you don’t know any better, I suppose. 🙂

  2. ambertides Says:

    I had a crochet bikini when I was 8 or so. Moms! 😀

    I really like the pinkish cardi (though I don’t think I’d wear it over that top!) 😀

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