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Uk Swap – I’m excited February 2, 2008

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As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve signed up for the knitting uk swap and the details of your swap pal goe out this weekend. I really enjoy secret pal swaps, I like spending time looking for a gift they would really appreciate and I like thinking that someone else is out there doing the same thing for you.

Anyway, this weeks topic question is:

Q: What is your process when planning a project? Do you shop for yarn and then find a suitable pattern? Do you find your pattern and then go out to buy the yarn? Or are you stash-busting? If your stash is out of control, how did it get that way?

A – Well, I really don’t have a typical process for selecting my next project. In the past I have seen a yarn that I have bought or had to have, then I have searched for a suitable pattern for it. I’ve also seen a pattern I’ve loved then searched for the right yarn. Sometimes I might think “Right, I need a new cardigan” and then I will look for a pattern and a yarn at the same time.

As for my stash… I do have quite a bit (but not as bad as some I’ve seen) I started off with some inherited yarn from my Gran, then I got really into knitting and went a bit mad on ebay, buying everything up. Now I’m a more experienced knitter I have a better idea of the kinds of projects and yarns I want to work with; so i have been selling off unwanted stash. What I have left now is still a sizeable amount, but I have a vague idea of what I’m going to make with each item. I do have a few odd balls that I have no idea what to do with, but I am fond of them and not willing to part with. I hope to get some stash-busting done this year but I also have a couple of requested garments for friends/family which I will have to buy yarn for.


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