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What kind of tea? February 23, 2008

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I saw this on Scrabblequeen’s blog and had to have a go as I love my tea! Apparently I’m a chilled out green tea – well, I do like my green tea!


Knitting ‘Secret Pal’ swaps

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The question topic this week on the UK Swap blog ( ) is:

Q. Have you done a swap before (doesn’t have to be a knitting swap)? What do you like best about swapping? Are there any personal “requirements” that a swap has to have before you will join?

A. Yes, this is the third swap I’ve taken part in, the two previous swaps were organised by Angel Yarns on their forums and they were a lot of fun. I especially liked that for those swaps you had a theme that you had to fit into your gift. I think the best thing about swapping is spending time looking for a gift for someone you don’t know and you only have their blog or questionnaire to go by. I also love looking at the photos of all of the parcels when they arrive. I don’t really have any requirements, only that the swap is within my budget and usually based within the UK.


I confess…. I have cast on some socks February 22, 2008


So much for getting on with my tunic top! I felt the urge to knit socks the other night so I cast on a pair of ‘Bubble Wrap’ socks from the Sockbug pattern; the yarn is Opal Zircus. They are really fun to knit and its a very simple pattern to follow. I love the colour changes in the Opal yarn, it is a real incentive to keep knitting and see what will happen next!

I have finally found the perfect teaching job to apply for this week and I went to look around the school on Wednesday; I’m going to try and get my application form done this weekend – its a lovely small village school teaching in Key Stage One…its perfect for me (fingers crossed!) I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this before but my school is being closed this summer; its because the local authority are building new schools and merging existing schools together. Unfortunately our school is closing as part of the re-development and all the staff are facing redundancy in the summer. So I’ve been searching for a new job since January and this is the first job that has come up!

Right, Back to my socks! I’m going to try to get to the Birmingham Stitch and Bitch tomorrow (the last at the library before they re-locate to the art gallery cafe) so I think my socks will be coming with me tomorrow!


Bunny needs a name February 18, 2008


A quick and fun FO for the start of the week; here is my bunny with sweater from a Debbie Bliss pattern. He knitted up suprising quickly and is now in need of a name (I’ve got my thinking hat on but all suggestions welcome) Unfortunately I was running out of grey yarn and had to give him shorter ears than I intended; I’m thinking of making the ballerina bunny from the same book so I will ensure I have enough yarn before I start to provide her with some nice big floppy ears!


I was back at work today and on a training course, the children are back tomorrow. We got back about half an hour ago so I’ve made a pot of tea (in my favourite teapot) and have a new book to read that arrived today. I found this on Amazon last week after I got my Osteopenia diagnosis and I’m hoping it will give me a bit more information about the condition as my GP has not told me a great deal.

I’m intending to get back to knitting my tunic top, I cast on for the front but the socks and bunny sidetracked me somewhat! I also think I might be easily lead into casting on my felted bag project which I really want to get on with too, although now we are back at school my knitting time has all but gone!


At last, some finished socks! February 16, 2008


Half term is nearly over but I do feel that I have made the most of the break. Last night I finally finished the toes of my Columbine Peak socks, and here they are. They have turned out bigger than I anticipated; according to others on Ravelry this seems quite common with this pattern. To try and avoid this I left out the final pattern repeat but they have still turned out quite big. I’m not too bothered though, they are comfy to wear and are destined to be bed socks anyway, and soooo warm! I’ve never knitted socks from 100% wool before and they are a lot warmer.

Also pictured here are some pretty glass buttons that arrived this morning as the final part of my UK Swap parcel – my swap pal was Hreow (I’m sorry, I still don’t know her real name as she is blog-less!) But a big thanks again to you for all of my lovely presents!

We’ve got some friends staying this weekend so I’ve got up early to have a quick tidy up and finish some planning. I don’t know how much knitting I will get done but i would like to get a move on with the tunic top. I also cast on a mini-project last night after finishing the socks, its a bunny toy from a Debbie Bliss pattern.

I have been doing a bit of research into my recently diagnosed Osteopenia (low bone density) I have been put on high-dose calcium suppliments, I’ve got to up my excercise (especially weight-bearing excercise) and I need more calcium in my diet. It is possible to increase bone density but it does take time, obviously I’m going to have to make the changes as I do not want to end up with Osteoporosis when I’m older. It was a bit of a shock when I got the results, but it is common for Coeliacs to develop this condition and there are certainly worse things that I could have. I’ve ordered a book about the condition so hopefully that will give me some advice anyway.

Right, I’ve got some cleaning and school work to do so I will be off now, hopefully with photos of a finished bunny next time I blog!


Wow! – I have been spoilt! February 14, 2008

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My parcel from the Uk Swap arrived this morning on valentines day 🙂 I resisted for about fifteen minutes then I caved in and opened it.


Opened the box and looked inside……


And look what I got!!! (I have been well and truly spoilt!)


Three beaufiful books, the natural knitter is absolutely beautiful!


A pack of Cashsilk from Lanes Du Nord in a beautiful mossy green (very me) Three balls of lovely aran from New Lanark (which I can include in my striped bag project!) … and randomly a bit of broken glass in the blue bag!


Some lovely tea (I love Whittard!) and this perfect ‘tea for one’ teapot. I’ve been lusting after one of these for years, now I can have a whole pot of tea all to myself! …. while I lunch on my Thorntons Gluten free toffee!!


Last but not least a cute little keyring notebook for knitting notes, and these are probably my favourite thing… ART VIVA NEEDLES! … I have been wanting some of these ever since I saw them at the Ally Pally last year, they are so tactile and gorgeous!

I have really been spolit and stalked so well, I love everything in the parcel. This was way more than I was expecting and I am a very lucky girl!!! Thank you to my secret pal! I think I have an idea who you might be, but there was no clue in the parcel so I will have to double-check on my hunch!

I must get on with my pal’s parcel now, I think I am the first in the swap to receive my parcel as there is a few weeks left yet. This has really cheered me up today, I was a bit down earlier today as I got my test results from the bone scan and have found out I’ve got Osteopenia. But hey ho, I’ve got this fab parcel to make me smile – THANK YOU SECRET PAL!


Not strictly knitting….. February 13, 2008

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Although knitting is my thing these days I do occasionally like to turn my hand to other crafts. The sewing machine was out yesterday afternoon to turn a small-ish offcut of fabric bought in thr John Lewis sale into this apron. A very basic pattern and only took a couple of hours from cutting the fabric to wearing it in the kitchen (the straps to ages to turn inside out!). Three years at university studying BA Hons Fashion, not entirely wasted then!