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I’ve finished ‘Wonder’!! January 26, 2008


The finishing seemed to take forever, I had to stitch the front bad to the front edges and that took the longest. I’m really pleased with this, its turned out exactly as I had hoped. Its a very simple pattern and would be great for a beginner, especially as it knits up quick. The yarn Rowan ‘Romance’ is just lovely, its soft and a bit fuzzy and very warm and cosy without being very heavy to wear. I’ve been fastening it with a broch, but it looks nice worn open too. Anyway, its the perfect thing for wearing around our cold flat!



I’m going to try to teach myself how to knit two socks at the same time on circular needles, I’ve bought these two books to help me. One uses one needle (magic loop) and the other uses two circulars and two balls of yarn. I’m not sure which way i’m going to try, I’m leaning towards the two circular method, but we will see how I feel when I get around to it!



While we are on the subject of socks, here are some giant socks I’ve been making! They are going to be felted into slippers (well, that is the plan anyway!) I’ve been using the pattern for felted indoor boots from Cat Bordhi’s ‘Socks soar on two circulars’. The yarn is 100% wool tweed from an ebay seller, its a nice grey with flecks of other colours. The seller actually sent me small samples of her other yarns so I have used some of these to add the stripes around the cuffs. I’m not actually convinced I like the colours now, its a bit masculine for me; but I will finish them off and felt them then decide. If the felting goes well I think I will make some more in some girly colours as I’ve enjoyed knitting these.

I went to the knitting group in Birmingham today, I took my ‘columbine peak’ socks which have been neglected lately, they are coming along slowly but I’m happy with the finish so far. I’m already thinking of ideas of presents to buy my secret pal, and I don’t even know who it is yet! i really enjoy taking part in swaps, it adds another dimension to knitting/blogging and its alway lovely to get a parcel too!… right, I’m off to Ravelry to upload my pictures of ‘Wonder’.


5 Responses to “I’ve finished ‘Wonder’!!”

  1. Your sweater looks great! I really want to get the “2-socks-at-a-time” book too! I think your socks are really pretty. BTW – who is the eBay seller? I’d like to check out their selection too!

  2. Monnibo Says:

    The sweater looks amazing. Gorgeous pattern! If you like felting slippers, I would DEFINITELY recommend the Felt Clogs pattern by Fiber Trends. Really quick knit surprisingly (as I get Second Stuff Syndrome on anything I knit more than once).

  3. blackcatdesigns Says:

    Your sweater looks positively cozy, like you could curl up in it, laugh at the miserable weather outside, and enjoy a good read (or a good knit). I tried knitting socks on two circular needles, but went back to those sharp, pointy things you call double point needles.

  4. frommylefthand Says:

    I love your sweater! It looks so comfortable. I’d love to have one like it. I always wear sweaters around the house. Love the socks, too!

    Lesley Ann

  5. astrbear Says:

    What a fabulous sweater! I love the subtle glittery quality of the yarn, and the border detailing is very elegant.


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