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Knitting resolutions – better late than never! January 24, 2008

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Ok, so its nearly the end of the month, but its taken me some time to commit myself to some knitting resolutions!

1. I’m going to do my best to stash-bust. I have some lovely yarn just waiting to be turned into something… I will also sell/trade the yarn that I’m never going to use (I’ve already started this!)

2. I would like to try some more felted projects, I’m just beginning some felted slippers and I really want to make some bags.

3. I will try and overcome my fear of colour knitting and give intarsia a go, I think that is the starting point (fairisle seems a bit out of my capability!)

4. I will try and get out to a knitting group (or two)  – I’ve already started working on this as I went to the Birmingham Stitch and Bitch last week.

5. I’m going to learn how to knit two socks at once on circular needles, I’ve bought a book on magic loop and another about two socks on two circulars so one of those methods will hopefully work for me!


2 Responses to “Knitting resolutions – better late than never!”

  1. Great resolutions. Who cares what the date is? That’s not the important part. Sounds like you will be a Fearless Knitter in 2008.

  2. zora naki Says:

    my list is very similar to yours! good luck with it all – remember, it’s only wool (bwa hahahahahaha)…

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