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A bone scan and half a sock January 18, 2008


Here is the progress so far on my latest socks. Its ‘Columbine Peak’ from ‘Socks Soar on Two Circulars’. I’ve not had much time to knit this week so its slow progress, but I am finding the lace pattern very easy and satisying. I was a bit annoyed that it seems to be coming out quite large (dispite knitting a tension swatch) I looked into this on Ravelry and other knitters have said the same. I think they should fit ok though, if not then they will have to be bed socks!

I’ve got right back into socks again after starting these, I’m planning on making the ‘Indoor Boots’ felted socks pattern from this book, I bought the addi’s pictured below (love these!) and I’ve ordered some tweed wool that should felt nicely. I have only ever felted a booga bag so looking forward to experimenting again.


I had a big knitting needle sort out the other night, I had loads of random odd needles that have now been neatly banded into pairs, I’m intending to buy or make some needle wraps and get them grouped into sizes. The majority are metal but I do have a few plastic needles, I’m not a fan of plastic so I’m hoping to faze these out! I can’t afford to buy a whole new set of needles so I’ve decided to make a list of the sizes I need to replace and then buy a nice quality pair a month. I do like bamboo needles but I’ve got my eye on the lovely Lantern Moon wooden needles and Surina needles. I have also seen some curious needles on Loop made from milk protein (interesting!). My most wanted items are a set of ‘Art Viva’ wooden needles with the lovely polka-dot ends….totally excessive and expensive, but gorgeous never the less, they might be on my birthday wish list in April!

I had a bit of a nightmare with ‘Wonder’. I ran out of wool the other night, I searched the internet for ages trying to get some Rowan Romance in the right shade, in the end I found some and ordered 3 balls for £13. The next day I walked through the knitting department at John Lewis, and there in the bargain bin was a pack of 10 balls of the stuff, the right shade reduced to £1 a ball!!!! I bought the first lot from there originally and they said that was everything they had in stock, clearly not. Anyway, I bought 5 balls for a fiver, but it was too late to cancel the internet order. I guess I could return it but that is a pain; I think I will ebay the left over balls. Wonder is now sitting beside me waiting for me to finish the collar (which is taking ages), I will have photos up as soon as its finished.

I think I might try to go to the Birmingham Stitch and Bitch tomorrow, I will have to catch the train but I do want to meet some local knitters of my own age. I’m planning on taking the socks, nice a portable! I had a bone density scan this week, it was very quick really, you have to lie very still while a xray arm thing moves over you. Its a standard test for recently diagnosed Coeliacs to check that you have ok bone density. As a coeliac you are at a higher risk of developing Osteoporosis, so I’ve got my fingers crossed it will all be normal ok.


5 Responses to “A bone scan and half a sock”

  1. rooknits Says:

    Have fun if you got to the S&B in Brum. I organise one on the last Tuesday of the Month from 6-9pm in the Shakespeare pub just off new street if you fancy that.

  2. Herself Says:

    Hi Claire – thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting. Can you suggest how I might learn the sock knitting on two circ’s technique you suggest? Sounds intriguing! Cute sock!


  3. glutenfreekathy Says:

    How did your bone density scan turn out? I have osteoporosis from coeliac disease and it’s caused me lots of problems. I hope yours is better. Kathy

  4. I have to wait nearly six weeks for the results! I’m hoping it will all be normal, I’ve been on calcium suppliments since diagnosis.

  5. Kathy Says:

    You are young so you have a chance to build your bones. i was almost 50 by the time I found the CD diagnosis. By the way, here I get the results immediately! Good luck, I hope it’s good news.

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