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Bread and booties January 13, 2008


I’ve got a friend who now lives in Holland and is due to become a mum in the next couple of months so I’ve been at the baby hats again! This is the same baby hat pattern that I have previously knitted, its from an old copy of ‘Simply Knitting’ and the yarn is Debbie Bliss ‘cotton cashmere’. I started the booties, Saartje booties (google it) and I’ve made one, unfortunately I made the straps too short so I think this will become a keyring and I may start again! (it didn’t take too long anyway) I love this wool, so soft and perfect for babies.


I have also been naughty, I didn’t fancy knitting ‘Wonder’ the other night, so I cast on some socks! The pattern will be ‘Columbine Peak’ from Cat Bordhi’s ‘Socks soar on two circulars’. The yarn is by ‘angels and elephants’ hand dyed 100% wool which I bought off ebay a while ago. I got in a right tangle with my wool winder and I decided I totally need to buy a nice umberella swift! These will probably take me months to do as they are only my third ever pair of socks and my second attempt at using two circulars. This is my preferred method as the needles don’t fall out all the time, I love using addi turbos. I will try to get Wonder finished off this month, I just got bitten by the sock bug again and this wool was just screaming at me to cast on.


Other than knitting one of my new years resoloutions was to experiment more with my gluten free cooking. I get some bland stuff on prescription but I have made it my mission to discover an edible gluten free bread! This was from my breadmaker yesterday, just using a basic Glutafin high fibre mix. I’ve not used this flour mix before and i was impressed, its has a nice light texture (which you don’t often get with gluten free bread!) I added some linseeds in an effort to make it more healthy. I quite like this bread toasted but I find it hard to slice it thinly enough to get it in the toaster! I had to buy my own toaster as I can’t use the old one as the bread may get contaminated with gluten. Unfortunately we don’t have a grill so I’m just giong to have to get better at slicing bread thinly.


7 Responses to “Bread and booties”

  1. Ooo I just love pictures of food! Here’s a tip for slicing bread thin – use an electric carving knife. It works like a dream!

    I love the color combo on the baby stuff. Beautiful!

  2. I am so pleased the sock bug has bitten you again. I hope the two circ method turns out to be happiness for you…I’m still hooked on Magic loop myself, without which socks and I would never have gotten along. NOw, they’re a favorite project for me. Glad you’ve found a toast to enjoy, too.

  3. shawnitalea Says:

    I have made those socks! they are great fun. I also knit on two circulars and love it! Here is a link to my Columbine Peaks socks on Ravelry

  4. ambertides Says:

    I’m awful at bread slicing, too. I can’t seem to find a way to get through bread without messing it up too much. Maybe I’ll try that electric knife thing sometime… 🙂

  5. ambertides Says:

    (Your bread looks gorgeous, though!)

  6. queensara Says:

    The same exact thing happened to me with the the Saartje booties!

    Your bread looks delicious. mmmm

  7. dmhogan42 Says:

    Love the baby hat, where can I find the pattern?

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