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Wonder … in progress! January 11, 2008


Wonder is coming along nicely, I am so into the yarn Rowan ‘Romance’, its so soft and knits so quickly. Anyway, here is the back, two fronts and one sleeve; since this photograph i’ve finished the secnd sleeve and I’m now onto the collar and front edges. I think that this will be the niggly bit as its knitted in pattern and I’ve got to get it to fit up each front and meet at the neck. But I doubt it will take too long.


Pictured here is something that bought a big smile to my face – I run a school knitting club for children aged 7-11, this week I wrote letters to several yarn companies asking if they have any samples that they could donate to out school (I have no budget and the kids mostly use my needles and surplus stash) Anyway, the above bag of wool arrived at school today for us from Sirdar. They Are fab, the letter was only posted on Wednesday and by Friday they have sent this donation to us, along with a lovely letter praising my efforts at teaching knitting to young people. The kids are going to be really pleased, I’m going to get them to write a thank you letter to Sirdar. Isn’t that nice!

Oh, just one bit of news about my Coeliac condition…. I’ve discovered that I am allowed to eat walkers ‘Wotsits’!!!! Hoorah!, thank you Walkers Crisps!!!


2 Responses to “Wonder … in progress!”

  1. Kazza Says:

    Wonder is looking fab! Cant wait to see it finished. Fair play to you for getting a lovely yarn donation, how nice of Sirdar! I wish there had been a knitting group when I was at school, I think thats so nice. And congratulations on the Wotsits, they are my all time fave crisps. Im glad you have managed to find something nice to munch on! Have you checked out Fiona’s blog – – she thinks she may have the same condition too. Any luck on the job front yet? Im job hunting at the mo too.

  2. kathy Says:

    Hi! I’m starting up a knitting club at my daughters’ school and I’m curious about how you run yours. I don’t think most of my participants know how to knit so that’s item 1 but I’m very curious how others structure the time, the projects, etc. Whatever information you’d like to share would be much appreciated!

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