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Gluten free Christmas cake… yummy January 7, 2008

I’ve just been nibbling on some yummy gluten free Charistmas cake – it was good! (shopbought!)

Anyway, I’m back to teaching tomorrow, we had an INSET teacher day today, learning about child abuse – which was really depressing on the first day back at work this year. I’m relieved to say that I have officially dropped out of the course I was on this year, it was PSHE CPD (Personal, Social and Health Education Continued Professional Development…phew!) and it was so much work! I’ve got so many things to do at work at the moment, and as of tomorrow I have eight new year one children joining my class, so I decided that this year is not the time for further qualifications. My school will be closeing in July so I have begun the process of trying to find a new job, its quite daunting, there are no jobs out there yet – yikes.

Back to knitting anyway – I’m flying through ‘wonder’ at the moment and really enjoying knitting it. I’ve done the fronts and back and am now working on the sleeves, its looking good so far – pics soon!


3 Responses to “Gluten free Christmas cake… yummy”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I’m really pleased with how good a lot of the gluten-free stuff is tasting lately. My mother was diagnosed in 2006 and the difference in some is crazy! Nice to be able to pick more and more ready-made items up at the store too.

    If you have a Raley’s in your area, they have an amazing line of gluten-free products. But the bread/pie mix is so good. I’ve only tasted it as a pie crust, but for our Christmas pies – it was much better than the regular one! The whole family agreed. 😉

  2. I’m guessing ‘Raleys’ is in the States? sadly not such a thing here in the UK. You can get gluten free stuff free from the doctors and some ok stuff from supermarkets though.

  3. Anne P Says:

    Hi – I’m another UK knitting Coeliac! (Just found your blog via Ravelry). Nicole may be referring to Roleys – they’re a UK company – Waitrose stock their products – I don’t know about anywhere else – and you can get their stuff online too. They do the best bread-maker bread mix I’ve ever had.

    Oh, and I’m a teacher too – although I work with sixth formers.

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