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Started ‘Wonder’ January 5, 2008


Yep, I’ve started a new project. This is ‘wonder’ from Rowan magazine 40, made in Rowan Romance, colour ‘charred’. I bought the yarn in the John Lewis sale, proper bargain!

Its a very simple pattern and its knitting up super-fast. I bought the yarn not knowing what to make with it and I have to say that I was a bit dissapointed by how few patterns there are for this yarn. But i settled on this and I think it will be a cardigan i will be wearing a lot! the yarn is just lovely, its a blend of mohair and acrylic, very soft. There is a strand of glitter throughout that gives a beautiful shimmer and I just love the muted grey colour. I think you could easily substitute this yarn into other patterns, its quite chunky and knits up on 7mm needles (although I’ve had to go up to 8mm to obtain the right tension)…I suppose it could sub for Rowan big wool or something similar…. hmm, off to look at patterns!



Here is the finished Twilleys Freedom Spirit beret, I’ve been weraing this everyday since I finished it! Really simple to make and a lovely fit, I’m sure to be making more of these. I’m thinking of making it again in a diffent yarn to match a scarf I recently made, watch this space!

 Well, Chrsitmas holidays are nearly over and school is back on Monday. I’ve hardly touched my planning and I have very little motivation! I amd sitting here blogging, and thinking about working on ‘wonder’ when I should be planning lessons. I will get around to it later today! I’m also on this course at the meoment to do with school, I’m considering dropping out as I’ve taken on so much work and I feel like I’m going to burn out. As it is I have to start job hunting as our school is closing in the summer, I think I might quit and put my time to better use.

Anyway, new year not bad so far, I’m sure I will be back in work mode by the end of next week, then i need to get myself back to the gym! I’m intending to experiment a bit more with my gluten-free cooking, I’ve been using a breadmaker occasionally but I’ve not been very experimental! I’m finding my gluten-free diet very restrictive, being a Coeliac and Pescetarian does limit your choices somewhat! Eating out is a real struggle, very few places sell gluen-free, meat-free food and most fish is coated in breadcrumbs or a flour-based sauce. I find the most difficult thing is not being able to eat cakes / biscuits / chocolates / sweets when people offer them, working in a school there is always a plate of biscuits in the staffroom and its torture watching others tuck in! It sounds like the best diet in the world, but I have gained weight since my diagnosis, I really want to lose it this year and get some enjoyment back into my cooking and eating.


10 Responses to “Started ‘Wonder’”

  1. Love the Tam, can’t wait to see what the sweater turns out to be. Good luck with the cooking/diet. I’ve been looking and noticed there are several cookbooks out there for gluten free…try your library.

  2. thanks, i’ve got about 20 books already… i’ve just not experimented with them yet!

  3. frillbow Says:

    Loving the beret! Whay pattern is it?

  4. Its from ‘Twilleys Freedom Spirit 455’ pattern book. You can buy it from

  5. Moggle Says:

    Ooh I love that beret! The Rowan pattern is working up nicely too.

  6. Claire Says:

    The beret is beautiful! The colours are so perfect, you’ve done a really lovely job. And the cardigan looks great too, I haven’t seen that yarn before.
    Good luck with the diet!

  7. barefootrooster Says:

    Your Wonder is beautiful. The needles you asked about on my blog are knitpicks options interchangeables — they are colored wood, and just the right amount of pointy! I am already enjoying them.

  8. Nicole Says:

    Wonder looks great so far. The color is beautiful!

  9. Sara Says:

    Hi, wanted to say that I’ve just bought six balls of Romance Rowan. Three in a lilac colour and three in a maroon colour. And in the John Lewis Sale too!!! I’m looking forward to making some beautiful things out of them. Looking forward to see the cardigan when its finished.

  10. julie Says:

    I love your beret, can you tell me what shade it is, thank you

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