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New Year and a big sort out January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!  – wow, where did 2007 go anyway?!

I’ve been having a new year clear out and a day of finishing off old WIP’s. My stash is now neatly ordered, organised and I have a good idea of what I want to make with the yarn I have. I have also sorted out a bag of yarn to sell, odds and ends and things I know I won’t use. Anyway, here are some of my finished things:


This is the tank top made in Twilleys Freedom Spirit, all bloked and finished. I was a bit worried when I finished it as it seemed very small, but after a good wet blocking it was the perfect fit, and so snug! This is the first time that I’ve attempted to block a garment after I’ve sewn it up (I read that you could do this in the Stitch and Bitch book) and I’m impressed because it really did work ok. I fould it was easier than blocking two separate pieces and trying to get them to the same size!

I’ve still got 7 balls of this wool left, it was originally bought for the chevron jacket pattern (which I abandoned!) but I’m glad I did this instead, I think I will get more wear out of it. I’m considering making the tunic top or wrap cardi from the same pattern book. The only gripe I have with the wool is that it seems to lose so much dye when you handwash it -I put it in lukewarm water with a tiny bit of wool was and the water was deep red instantly! The top doesn’t seem to have lost its colour yet but after several washes, who knows?!?


Here is yet another hat in Rowan Ribbon Twist, I had a spare ball to use up, the pattern is the hat with ear flaps in the Ribbon Twist book.


This yummy coloured hat is made in Colinette point 5, I can’t recall the colourway though. Made with 100g following a Rowan pattern from ‘Big Just Got Bigger’. I have a cardigan I made about a year and a half ago in this wool, but I’m going to be brave and frog it, the colour and texture are lovely worn as accessories…. but the cardigan makes me look like a huge fuzzy monster from sesame street! I think I might make a felted bag with the frogged wool, or a scarf to go with the hat.


Talking of scarves and hats here is another set. I finished the beret a couple of weeks ago but I had some left over yarn for a matching scarf in Rowan Spay. The scarf knit up fast on my 20mm needles and is actually quite warm. This is a beautiful wool, it looks as though the yarn has been felted with a suble ‘spray’ of a pink colour on top. As you can see I have been into hats and scarves lately! I think it must be the cold weather.

I’m currently working on some baby things, a hat and maybe matching booties/mittens for a friend who is expecting. Then I’m planning to make a start on my Rowan Romance project, I got 13 balls in the John Lewis sale – bargain! I have promised the boyfriend a Gryffindor scarf, and I have to make my boyfriend’s mum the lace edged Patons cardi like I made for myself over the summer. Busy busy busy – there are so many other things I want to make too!

School is back next week so I have spent the day in front of my laptop instead of knitting (sigh!) I get spoilt over Christmas with loads of time to knit, then school goes back and I barely have time to do anything. Such is life.

I have been getting into Ravelry, not had time to photograph my stash yet though, it seems a vast website, what a fab idea!


4 Responses to “New Year and a big sort out”

  1. What a great bunch of FO’s! I love the tank and the beret set. Enjoy while you can, we all face less knitting time soon around here, too.

  2. Kazza Says:

    Hi Claire, looks like you’ve been busy! I popped along to the John Lewis sale too but I couldnt find anything I liked. I was hoping for lots of bargains too. I did manage to make quite a mess looking though! I havent been to knitting club since the last time I saw you there, Im still going to toning on Mondays and Wednesdays so I cant make it. Is the Brum Stitch & Bitch the one at the Library on a Saturday? Let me know if you decide to go – if I can make it I’ll pop along too. Happy New Year! x

  3. Hi Karen, I’m going to try and get to the Birmingham Stitch and Bitch, probably not until February as I’m busy with school at the moment. If I go I will let you know!

  4. yarnismycrack Says:

    I love the Ribbon Twist hat! I love that yarn. It’s the yarn that I want to buy that’s been discontinued that I need to afford. What colorway is that? It’s beautiful. I am also a huge fan of Rowan patterns, though I notice most of their hats are knit on straights instead of DPNs or 2 circulars and I wonder why.

    Also, that Colinette hat looks luscious!

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