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Don’t step on a pincushion…. it hurts!!!! December 29, 2007

 I just managed to step on a pincushion, it got stuck in my foot, took 5 minutes to remove, it hurt a lot, and bled….. I wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home!

Well, christmas was indeed merry – I had a fab time at my boyfriend’s parents farmhouse in the country… proper fire and a real tree… heaven! I happily sat by the fire with several cats at my feet and finished my Twilleys Freedom Spirit tank top in a couple of days, its blocking at the moment, pictures to folllow shortly. I’m so in love with the yarn, I ordered two more balls and I’m now knitting the beret from the same pattern book.

My new years resolutions have been made and one of them is to blog more frequently, although this may be a problem as I’ve finally had my Ravelry invite and I have a feeling it may become addictive! I did a bit of sales shopping in John Lewis yesterday, I bought 13 balls of Rowan ‘Romance’ in a dark grey colour bargain at £2.45 a ball (instead of a fiver!) I’ve orderd Rowan magazine no. 40 and I’m planning on making up ‘Wonder’. Its a yummy yarn, glittery and soft, really unusual.

I will get some photos uploaded shortly, for now its back to knitting the beret (and tending to my poor foot!)


3 Responses to “Don’t step on a pincushion…. it hurts!!!!”

  1. Leah Says:

    Sorry about the pin cushion! I’ve stepped on a pin before & it was quite painful so I can only imagine that an entire pin cushion…. OUCH!

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday! I do hope you keep your resolution though ravelry is quite a lovely way to keep up with folks & entertain yourself!! 🙂

  2. glittrgirl Says:

    A sore foot requires rest and keeping it raised… which means lots of sitting about, which means lots of KNITTING!

    Hope it feels better soon.

  3. Kathy Weyer Says:

    Hi, there – I am curious about thepattern for the Wonder Jacket – I have the Romanceyarn and would be very interested in seeing the pattern, but I don’t want to buy the whole book. Do you know of a source where I can just buy the pattern? Please email me at It looks beautiful!

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