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Tis the season to be busy….. December 22, 2007

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I’ve not been blogging for a while but I have been knitting – pictured above is the finished Shaftesbury in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, I have loved knitting with this wool and am pleased with the result. I do wish that I had made the sleeves longer though! Anyway, i’m going to wet block it so it should be a lot better when that’s done, looks good on though!


Pictured aboove are a couple of big slouchy berets I made using my 20mm needles. They are from the pattern in the latest ‘Lets Knit’ magazine and knit up super quick in just under and hour each. I used Rowan Ribbon Twist and Rowan Spray, 100g each hat, a good stash buster!


This is my Christmas project, the tank top from Twilleys Freedom Spirit pattern book in ‘fire’. This is the yarn I had from my abandoned project of the Chevron Jacket (I just hated knitting it and really struggled with the increases, so I admitted defeat and decided to try this instead!) I’m glad I abandoned the other project actually, I like the simplicity of this pattern and the simple stocking stitch really shows off the fab colours.


I also intend to make the hat abouve in this other colourway, It only takes two 50g balls and I’m totally in love with Freedom Spirit wool!

I’m off to relatives tomorrow for Christmas, then on Christmas eve travelling up to Lincolnshire to spend Christmas with my boyfriends family, I should Imagine I will have some progress photos for the new year if not before – Merry Christmas!


5 Responses to “Tis the season to be busy…..”

  1. Ailsa Says:

    I have started the side ways knitted waistcoat out of either the book you are showing or the other one Twilleys have published. I love the colour but I am concerned about washing the yarn once the garment is made up and shrink, also are you knitting with 2 balls of yarn at once as says in the instructions or are you finding it OK with just one at a time?

    I would be grateful for your input

  2. The pattern book is ‘Freedom Spirit 455’ – It doesn’t say anything about knitting with two balls at once, the tank top is knitted from the bottom, up using one ball at a time and its coming along well so far. You must be careful with washing the yarn as its 100% wool, it should be handwashed only in warm water, and not manipulated too much or wrung out too much. Check the ball band 🙂

  3. Ms Cleaver Says:

    That green sweater is lovely! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. marichelle Says:

    Hi Claire,
    I found you while doing a search on “slouchy berets” – great site! I love those chunky slouchy hats! I just took a class where we learned how to knit a really simple hat – I was hoping to learn how to knit one of these… thanks for the tip, I’m gonna go hunt down the Let’s Knit magazine you mentioned! Do you think a beginner would be able to follow the pattern?


  5. Hi Marichelle,

    The beret pattern was fairly simple, as long as you can do knit, purl and increase and decreases. It was knitted on two needles and then joined at the back seam. i dropped by your blog, your knitting class looks interesting.

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