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1985 flashback…… bring on the snood! November 11, 2007


I’m so busy at work at the moment that knitting and blogging are fairly low priority. We are about to start practising for the school christmas play so I’m really getting into the christmas mood! The weather seems to be turning colder now, I love bright winter days but I cannot stand being cold at all! So I managed to get around to finishing a couple of projects that have been at the bottom of the ‘to do’ pile for a while. The first is a scarf in Patons ‘softy’ which is very accurately named as this is just so soft and fluffy! Its a wispy and fluffy yarn and a right hassle to knit with so a simple scarf seemed like the best thing to make with it! I think this one will get a lot of use this winter.

I also finished a snood in debbie bliss ‘soho’. I’ve been wanting a snood for ages, I think the last time I wore one was about 1985! Here you can see it modelled by my very old teddy, this was also the first time I used my denise circular needles and I was really impressed with them. I love the soho yarn, yummy colours and a nice fabric knitted up so I may be making something else in this. I’ve been very busy with other things so my Shaftesbury has not been worked on much this week, although I did bring it to my school knitting club – they are getting on very well now quite independently so I could actually sit and do my own knitting with them.

I’m waiting for an appointment at the moment for a DEXA bone density scan, my Coeliac disease puts me at a greater risk of osteoporosis and I’m supposed to be having twice the recommended daily amount of calcium. I have these horrid massive calcium tablets and I have to have a lot more dairy in my diet, as a consequence I’ve put on weight which I don’t like! I also found out today that there may be gluten in certain sweets that I like, so no more pick’n mix at the cinema!


One Response to “1985 flashback…… bring on the snood!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Wow, you have some beautiful knits here!

    I hope you get to the bottom of your health issues! I have never heard of Coeliac disease. Is that the wheat allergy one?

    Very nice blog! I found you though the knitting blog webring.

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