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I’ve been busy moving house October 20, 2007

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Its been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently, I’ve been involved in end of term things and sorting out moving house. I’ve moved half of my stuff in to my boyfriends flat, and I’m planning to move the rest over the next few days (half term!)

Not had any time for knitting but I did go to the knitting show at the Alexandra Palace with my mum! There were some lovely things, but I was quite good and didn’t go mad on spending. I bought three balls of Wendy Fusion for a scarf, some GGH super soft mohair in a silver colour for a tie-front cardi. A big green button to attach to my finished ‘Tithe’. Some freen stuff from the Rowan show, and a bit oj jewellry and a scarf!  – photos to follow.

Right, Ive got to get back to unpacking, but will be back soon xx


Noro ‘Tithe’ Finished October 6, 2007


Here is ‘Tithe’ , all blocked and sewn together. The first picture is a better representation of the colours, they are really vivid and I love the contrast between the dark purples and the vivid greens. Its a very warm wool so i don’t think I will be wearing it for a few weeks yet. I’m a little dissapointed with the final shape, the picture in the ‘Noro Unlimited’ book show it to be very drapey and the fabric looks quite light, but mine is a lot thicker and hangs quite stiffly. This may be because of the way I blocked it though. The fronts are hanging in two ‘lapels’ which I’m not keen on, but I have found that I can wear the cardi tied up with a chunky brooch and it looks a lot better this way.

I’ve got three balls of Noro Silver thaw left over, I think it might make a nice hat or scarf, maybe even a snood (I’ve been meaning to make a snood for months!…. so 80’s!)

I’ve just started ‘Shaftesbury’ from the Noro Unlimited book, but I’m using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran because the Noro wool is just too expensive. The cashmerino knits to the same tension and is very soft to work with. I’ve gone for a green again (very much like the green asrakhan I used in my unstructured coat!) I can’t get enough of green.

Its been a busy week at work, I’m looking forward to half term, although I’m moving house then so its hardly going to be a break! I’ve also been having a coeliac-related sulk this week; virtually every day this week I have been faced with people offereing me food I can’t eat, and then I’ve had to sit and watch others eat it. Take your gluten-filled food out of my face and go stick it!!! (sorry, rant over!)


Instant knitting gratification!

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Ocassionally its nice to dig out the big chunky needles and some big fat slubby wool and just knit something simple, quick and satisfying! …and here it is, my biggy print moss stitch scarf that I made in one evening. It used five balls of wool (thankfully I got the wool half price in the last John Lewis sale) – I still have one 100g ball left over, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that, I dn’t think there is quite enough for a hat, maybe some wrist warmers instead. Anyway, its a lovely soft, chunky wide scarf thats going to keep me toasty as it gets into winter!


Angel Yarns Sectret Santa – winter warmers swap

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My angel yarns secret santa present arrived this week. I got ‘fitted knits’, some natural dye studio DK, some knitpicks baby alpaca laceweight, some autumn leaf buttons and a pincushion. I love the book, some fab designs I want to make – so thank you to my secret pal!