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money problems September 23, 2007

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I’m on a bit of a downer at the moment, I’m in quite a bit of debt (graduate loan, student loan, credit card, overdraught etc) and its having an impact on the things that I want to do but can’t afford. I found out this weekend that I have the opportunity to move in with my boyfriend, his flatmate is moving out and he needs to find a new one ASAP. We were planning on moving in together next year anyway, but the opportunity has come up sooner than I thought.  I’m happy to move in, I can’t wait in fact – as it is I’m here at the flat now and this is where I spend most weekends.

The problem is my rent will go up, and its going to cost £150 to get a new contract drawn up, £50 in reference fees and I’ve got to find about £600 deposit, as well as £400 for the first months rent! – Thats over a thousand pounds I’ve got to find in the next month and its just not possible.

I hate the fact I’m in debt, it was going back to university to re-train as a teacher that created the debt, and even though I work full time I never have any money! You see people in debt on the tv and they have spent it on holidays and expensive handbags! – i’ve not done any of that, my debt was from tuition fees, cost of living, eating and running a car! As I work long hours for school and do school work at the weekends I can’t get a second job, and I’ve got nothing of value to sell. Arrgh!

Sorry, this is not knitting related but I had to get it off my chest!


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