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Slow but steady progress September 22, 2007

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look at my lovely new wool winder! I’ve had lots of fun this week sorting out my tangled up stash of wool into neat centre-pull balls like the one pictured above. Ive just got to knit them now! I’ve had a bit of a clear out and i’m trying to sell some odd and ends from my stash – I’m hoping to buy some silk, linen/silk mix to make a camisole with.

Also pictured above are are the back and left front of ‘Tithe’, the left front is now finished and I’m onto the right front. The light is better in this picture and shows the colours of the yarn a lot better! I’m loving this wool and am already wondering what else I can make from ‘Noro Unlimited’.

I’ve got to start thinking about Christmas knitting projects too, I’ve got a few ideas for presents, mostly using up wool from my stash!


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