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School-work overload September 19, 2007

Busy busy busy!…. yep, that’s me. I’ve not got out of school before 6pm at all this week, I’m on a course tomorrow, three courses next week and I’ve got three meetings to prepare for too – on top of that I’m trying to teach my class!

Not had much time to knit but I’ve finished the back and left front of Noro ‘Tithe’ , onto the left front now. I wore my lace-edged cardi to work today and I was so snug and comfy! Autumn has most definately arrived in Solihull …… and today was chilly! Also Foot and Mouth disease has also allegedly arrived, I drove past about 10 police vans, 30+ cars and untold camera crews on the way home, then I see on the news there is a potential outbreak down the road.

Had a big stash clear-out last night, I’m going to hopefully sell some unwanted yarn and use the proceeds to fund some new wool for me! I’m wanting some 100% silk and a silk/linen mix DK to make a camisole from ‘Knitting Lingerie Style’.

I sent out my permission slips for a new school knitting club this week – I’ve got about 20 kids that want to come, but i can only have about 12 so I will have to turn some away. Its nice though, some of the girls that came last year want to go, and some new kids too.


3 Responses to “School-work overload”

  1. Hi Claire,
    I’ve been lurking here for a while, I enjoy your blog. I read this today and thought of you, because of the Coleac. Hope you can find this product near you.

  2. MMM, that looks yummy – not seen that before but I’m on the look-out noW, thanks!

  3. Kazza Says:

    Hi Claire, I think the next group meeting is 3rd October. I havent been for ages, Im still going to toning tables on Mondays and Wednesdays so I cant go. I’ll work on them to change my Wednesday to another day so I can come back!

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