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It’s monday morning and I’m still in bed!!! – hooray! September 17, 2007


Yep, gone 8am and I’m sitting in bed at by boyfriend’s flat blogging. Usually at this time I would be in my classroom getting the first lesson prepared and feeling tired! But I’m on a maths course this afternoon that doesn’t start until 1pm so I have some time! I was planning on getting up and going to the gym early (yeah, right!) but thankfully I came to my senses and decided I’d rather sit in bed with Tim’s laptop for an hour or so. I’m then going to get up and head back to my flat where I will do some lesson planning for an hour or so, then head off to my course.

I’ve had a productive weekend, finished the back of ‘tithe’ and have nearly finished the right front piece too. The fronts are shaped, you have to increase at the neck edge on every third row so it gives a sloping up and outwards effect. The excess fabric is supposed to drape at the neck, I’m doubting this will work as the yarn knits up to a thick fabric, quite stiff actually – but hey ho, we will see how it pans out!

Anyway, thought I would post some pictures of two books I got recently. I’m loving the Knitting Lingerie Style’ book, the tops pictured are from this book and on my list to knit. The baby knits book was a total bargain and has some really nice basic patterns, and a beautiful baby blanket with stars and the moon on it. Quite when I will get aound to knitting these i don’t know. I’ve got ‘Tithe’ to finish, I’ve got to make a hat and booties set for a pregnant colleague, I’ve got to make another patons lace-edge card for my Tim’s mum, I’ve got to make Tim a Gryffindor scarf (I’ve already bought an embroidered Gryffindor house badge from ebay), then I’ve got the Twilleys Freedom Spirit Chevron Jacket that I abandoned back in the summer, a colinette jumper in point 5 that I’m considering frogging, a patons ‘softy’ scarf that needs finishing off, some socks that I messed up and abandoned last christmas, and a few little ‘finishing off’ jobs. Phew, just as well I didn’t go to the knitting show at the NEC this weekend!


4 Responses to “It’s monday morning and I’m still in bed!!! – hooray!”

  1. Kazza Says:

    Helloooooooo!!! Just been catching up on your blog posts after coming back from holiday. I love the Unstructured Jacket! Its fab! I think I might have to put it on my to do list. The Noro looks good too, Ive got the Noro Unlimited book too, I just cant choose which one to tackle first!

  2. Kazza Says:

    By the way, you didnt miss out by not going to the NEC – I went with my friend on Friday, there was hardly any yarn there, we were really disappointed. Only took us an hour to walk round the whole lot!

  3. francine Says:

    Staying in bed on Monday morning is a real luxury, though I’m not sure about the math course. The lingerie book looks like a must-have, makes me feel awful that i’ve got so much work I can’t get near my needles.

  4. Sarah Says:

    You are a lucky lucky person. You don’t know what I would give to be in my bed at 8 am on Monday mornings! I have the book Nursery Knits, and I think it is a good book! The penguin is very quick to make!

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