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Some Finished Projects September 1, 2007

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A bit delayed but here are some things I’ve finished recently. Firstly the Debbie Bliss Unstructured Jacket in Cashmerino Astrakhan – I love the mossy green of this yarn and it is sooooooo soft – I need to either get a nice button and make a loop or get a nice broch to tie this up but I am pleased with it.

Next is the Debbie Bliss Bolero in Cathay, I actually finihed this over a year ao but had done noting with it as I made a bodge of part of the ribbing and it really stood out. I’ve cunningly disguised the mistake with some buttons and mirrored trimmings I had in my sewing box and I actually quite like it now, not worn it yet though!

Finally I made these little lavender sachets from some cheap gingham and ribbons that I had in my sewing box, I’m really into these now so I am planning to make some more, I’ve got a thing about gingham!


2 Responses to “Some Finished Projects”

  1. Tana Says:

    So cool! Look at what you’ve done! Welcome back to blog world. Glad your summer was good!

  2. Vicky Says:

    I love the debbie bliss coat. Might try that one myself.

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