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Gluten-free reading! September 1, 2007

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As you can see, I’ve been reading up about my newly diagnosed Coeliac condition! I feel I have an improving insight into my condition now and I’m beginning to cook and experiment a bit. I’m finding eating out really hard, so few places cater for Coeliacs, I’m a pescetarian (I only eat fish) and that also limits my options.  While I was in Cornwall I has a veggie ‘gluten-free’ pie from a farmshop, it turned out not to be gluten free and I was quite ill for three days. That has shown me that I can’t trust something to be safe to eat unless I’ve made it myself, I was really ill and don’t want to make the mistake of eating gluten again. I suppose I am starting to feel better on this diet now, I haven’t had the daily upset tummys and bloating that I’m used to so although I feel like I’m missing out on a lot I know its doing me good!


One Response to “Gluten-free reading!”

  1. joely black Says:

    You’ll get used to it eventually! Eating out can be a nightmare, but Asian food (avoid anything with soy sauce in) is very good – rice is an excellent alternative to breads and pasta. You can usually get a salad option or try this: ask for sandwiches without the bread. I live in a very cosmopolitan city and I’ve never been anywhere I can’t get something made for me that doesn’t include the essential gluten part of it. In fact, I’ve been to a lot of places where it’s a recognised option just because so many people are on the Atkins diet. I’m sure you’ll get used to it and find it easier as you go!

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