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Moving on September 29, 2007


I’ve had a bt of a manic week, I’ve only been teaching for two days as I’ve been out on courses the rest of the time. I’m in charge of getting our Primary school ‘Healthy School’s Status’ which involves a lot of work for me for the next few months. I was on a healthy school’s seminar yesterday at a golf club, it was a lot of fun as i did a course on teaching yoga to kids, the instructor had us prancing about like various animals in the middle of a conference suite! The only drawback was that it was a fully catered for event and the food looked delicious – but I sat there with my sad looking gluten free marmite sandwich and watched everyone eat scones, pizza, brushetta, pasta salads and lasagne. Just my luck to have an illness that prevents you from eating cake! (‘proper’ cake anyway!)

Anyway, I’ve had a bit of help with money from my dad and I’m going to be moving in with Tim at the end of October – which I’m really pleased about. The flat is a bit dated (as it rented we can’t change the decor!) but its big, and very near town. There will be loads of space for me to put my knitting stash and equipment which is great, at the moment I’ve got all of my belongings in one room so it will be good to be able to spead my things all over the flat!!

As you can see, I’ve finished the back and fronts of ‘Tithe’ which are blocking nicely at home. I decided to wet block them as the pieces were quite curled up at the edges, I’ve not got a blocking board but it seems to work just as well by pinning the pieces onto a towel on the floor. I’ve finihed one sleeve and am halfway done on the other so it won’t be long until this is a finished garment!….. and just in time too as its started getting cold again and I really don’t like being cold! I think my next project will be some fingerless gloves from the book ‘One Skein’ (they are a bit like the ‘fetchings’ on Tim also wants a Hogwarts scarf in Griffindor colours, I’ve bought a Griffindor house embroidered patch but he promised he would pay for the yarn! I think I’m going to use the Cascade yarn reccomended in the pattern (I will be using the 3rd/4th year scarf pattern from ‘Charmed Knits)

I’m also really excited as I’m going to the Knitting and Stitch show at the Ally Pally in London. I’m going on the saturday and taking my mum with me! I had hoped to go to the NEC as its so close to me flat, but I was busy that weekend. My mum is just getting back into knitting again after not knitting for about 13 years! I started her off again last summer when I was doing some knitting on holiday and she kept asking to do a few rows. This summer she made a couple of cardis and after seeing my stash I think she is really enthusiastic again about knitting. I’ve not been to the show at the Ally Pally before and I’ve heard its good so I’m saving my pennies already, I’ve got a few things in mind that I want but I guess I will see what is there on the day.

I’ve been taking part in the ‘Angel Yarns’ secret santa swap this month, I posted my parcel to my secret pal recently so I’m waiting to see what they think of their gift (I was a bit miffed though because to send the parcel by recorded delivery you have to write your name and address on the back – hardly ‘secret’!) I’m still waiting patiently for my gift, I’ve got no idea what I’ll get but any present is good!!!

I started my school knitting club again last week, I’ve got three ‘newbies’ who are complete beginners. Two boys aged 8 and a girl aged 9, they did quite well but needed a lot of help! Ive got about 8 other girls who came last year and are of varying ability. Its lovely to see the things they have made in the summer and the fact that they are still enthusiastic about knitting. Especially nice is that fact that none of them could knit a stitch before they came to my club, and now they are working quite independently on various different projects!


money problems September 23, 2007

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I’m on a bit of a downer at the moment, I’m in quite a bit of debt (graduate loan, student loan, credit card, overdraught etc) and its having an impact on the things that I want to do but can’t afford. I found out this weekend that I have the opportunity to move in with my boyfriend, his flatmate is moving out and he needs to find a new one ASAP. We were planning on moving in together next year anyway, but the opportunity has come up sooner than I thought.  I’m happy to move in, I can’t wait in fact – as it is I’m here at the flat now and this is where I spend most weekends.

The problem is my rent will go up, and its going to cost £150 to get a new contract drawn up, £50 in reference fees and I’ve got to find about £600 deposit, as well as £400 for the first months rent! – Thats over a thousand pounds I’ve got to find in the next month and its just not possible.

I hate the fact I’m in debt, it was going back to university to re-train as a teacher that created the debt, and even though I work full time I never have any money! You see people in debt on the tv and they have spent it on holidays and expensive handbags! – i’ve not done any of that, my debt was from tuition fees, cost of living, eating and running a car! As I work long hours for school and do school work at the weekends I can’t get a second job, and I’ve got nothing of value to sell. Arrgh!

Sorry, this is not knitting related but I had to get it off my chest!


Slow but steady progress September 22, 2007

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look at my lovely new wool winder! I’ve had lots of fun this week sorting out my tangled up stash of wool into neat centre-pull balls like the one pictured above. Ive just got to knit them now! I’ve had a bit of a clear out and i’m trying to sell some odd and ends from my stash – I’m hoping to buy some silk, linen/silk mix to make a camisole with.

Also pictured above are are the back and left front of ‘Tithe’, the left front is now finished and I’m onto the right front. The light is better in this picture and shows the colours of the yarn a lot better! I’m loving this wool and am already wondering what else I can make from ‘Noro Unlimited’.

I’ve got to start thinking about Christmas knitting projects too, I’ve got a few ideas for presents, mostly using up wool from my stash!


School-work overload September 19, 2007

Busy busy busy!…. yep, that’s me. I’ve not got out of school before 6pm at all this week, I’m on a course tomorrow, three courses next week and I’ve got three meetings to prepare for too – on top of that I’m trying to teach my class!

Not had much time to knit but I’ve finished the back and left front of Noro ‘Tithe’ , onto the left front now. I wore my lace-edged cardi to work today and I was so snug and comfy! Autumn has most definately arrived in Solihull …… and today was chilly! Also Foot and Mouth disease has also allegedly arrived, I drove past about 10 police vans, 30+ cars and untold camera crews on the way home, then I see on the news there is a potential outbreak down the road.

Had a big stash clear-out last night, I’m going to hopefully sell some unwanted yarn and use the proceeds to fund some new wool for me! I’m wanting some 100% silk and a silk/linen mix DK to make a camisole from ‘Knitting Lingerie Style’.

I sent out my permission slips for a new school knitting club this week – I’ve got about 20 kids that want to come, but i can only have about 12 so I will have to turn some away. Its nice though, some of the girls that came last year want to go, and some new kids too.


It’s monday morning and I’m still in bed!!! – hooray! September 17, 2007


Yep, gone 8am and I’m sitting in bed at by boyfriend’s flat blogging. Usually at this time I would be in my classroom getting the first lesson prepared and feeling tired! But I’m on a maths course this afternoon that doesn’t start until 1pm so I have some time! I was planning on getting up and going to the gym early (yeah, right!) but thankfully I came to my senses and decided I’d rather sit in bed with Tim’s laptop for an hour or so. I’m then going to get up and head back to my flat where I will do some lesson planning for an hour or so, then head off to my course.

I’ve had a productive weekend, finished the back of ‘tithe’ and have nearly finished the right front piece too. The fronts are shaped, you have to increase at the neck edge on every third row so it gives a sloping up and outwards effect. The excess fabric is supposed to drape at the neck, I’m doubting this will work as the yarn knits up to a thick fabric, quite stiff actually – but hey ho, we will see how it pans out!

Anyway, thought I would post some pictures of two books I got recently. I’m loving the Knitting Lingerie Style’ book, the tops pictured are from this book and on my list to knit. The baby knits book was a total bargain and has some really nice basic patterns, and a beautiful baby blanket with stars and the moon on it. Quite when I will get aound to knitting these i don’t know. I’ve got ‘Tithe’ to finish, I’ve got to make a hat and booties set for a pregnant colleague, I’ve got to make another patons lace-edge card for my Tim’s mum, I’ve got to make Tim a Gryffindor scarf (I’ve already bought an embroidered Gryffindor house badge from ebay), then I’ve got the Twilleys Freedom Spirit Chevron Jacket that I abandoned back in the summer, a colinette jumper in point 5 that I’m considering frogging, a patons ‘softy’ scarf that needs finishing off, some socks that I messed up and abandoned last christmas, and a few little ‘finishing off’ jobs. Phew, just as well I didn’t go to the knitting show at the NEC this weekend!


New project – Noro silver thaw ‘tithe’ from noro unlimited September 15, 2007


Sorry, bad light when I took the photo. Its a really nice yarn, a bit slubby in places and it knits to a quite thick fabric. You can’t really see it in this photo but there are some really vivid colours: purple, turquoise, greens, yellows, pinks, white, grey and more. The pattern is an unstructured cardi, no front fastening and 3/4 length sleeves so really simple. I’ve nearly finished the back, hoping to make good progress on this weekend.

I was planning on going to the knitting show at the NEC today, but I’m at my boyfriends flat waiting for John Lewis to deliver a coffee table! (he is out playing golf) It’s probably for the best as I can’t afford to buy anything at the moment….. and for my inconvenience he has promised to pay for the wool for my next project!!

I’m really busy at work at the moment, I’m mentoring PGCE teacher trainees this year, so I’ve been out a lot on training courses. I’ve not had a chance to start up my school knitting club yet so I’m hoping to get that up and running soon. I’ve also been feeling a bit ill, I think I ate some gluten by mistake the other day and I’ve felt pretty bad – my GP did warn me that if I have been gluten-free for a few weeks my body will start to repair itself – but If I eat gluten then I will have an unusually bad reaction. Generally I have started to feel better since I’ve totally cut out gluten, now I am a diagnosed coeliac I can feel that the diet is gradually starting to improve my health.


Finished the lace-edged cardi!

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What do you think? I really like it, the 100% cotton is lovely and soft and has a nice drape. I’ve got to press the seams flat but other than that I’m happy with it. I’ve been asked to make one for my boyfriend’s mum in the denim blue colour, but I’m going to make a couple of other things first just to have a bit of a break! (excuse the dodgy photo’s, i had to stand in front of the mirror and take a pic!)